Is Reselling a Ticket possible?

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In life planning is necessary. All of us have some dreams and in order to achieve those dreams we need to do some planning. Well if we ponder a little then we can realize that we all do planning almost every day as we plan what tasks we have to achieve by the end of the day. Just like these tasks we also plan out our weekends like meeting with a friend, going out to watch movies, attend that sports match we have been waiting for or enjoying a concert. But the problem is: life doesn’t go as we planned. Just when the weekend was near your boss assigned you a task or there is some family business you have to attend and because of this you have to cancel your plan; your plan to go out on a concert with your friends. You are disheartened as you couldn’t make it to the concert and moreover your money has gone to waste. But why being disappointed when you can resell your ticket? Oh don’t worry we are not suggesting you to set up a stall or room around streets or begging your friends to buy your ticket when you can do it online. How? Well let’s see.

Reselling your ticket Online:

You want to want to resell your concert ticket online and don’t know what to do? Well you can always rely on Sell Ticket for that. All you have to do is just follow some simple steps:

  1. Set up your profile on Sell Ticket.
  2. Choose the category i.e. Resell concert ticket, resell flight ticket, resell sports event ticket or any other event that you missed and now want to resale its ticket.
  3. Once you have selected the category, now you need to post the ad.
  4. Enter your event and ticket details including the ticket price. 
  5. Upload some images of your ticket.
  6. Enter your contact details as well.
  7. Well that’s it for the ad posting. After your ad has been posted any interested buyer will contact you.
  8. You can meet the buyer (if you can obviously) and finalize the payment method.
  9. And there you go!! You just sold your ticket.

Easy, right? With Sell ticket you can sell your any ticket easily and quickly. 

How we ensure your Sales?

Well if you are using Sell Ticket for selling your ticket then you should not worry about promoting your ad. As our digital media experts ensure that your ticket gets sold by promoting your ad on various social media platforms and constantly monitor the progress. Talk about convenience, right?

Some Tips for you:

Though we make sure that your ad reaches the maximum audience but there are some tips that you should follow as well:

  1. Take a clear picture of your ticket both from front and end.
  2. While setting a price do not set it too high as that way you will lower the chances of your sale. It is advisable to set at least 20% of the original price.
  3. Post correct details and do not mislead the buyer
  4. It’s always a better and safer idea to meet the buyer in person if you are from the same locality. But if you can’t meet the buyer then at least have someone you trust meet them.
  5. Don’t send your any documents to buyer as an honest one will never ask you for them.
  6. It is better to have cash in hand rather than giving your bank account details.
  7. Do not send the product abroad before taking all or some part of money at least unless you know the buyer.

Keep these tips in mind as we want you to be safe from any fraud and scam, after all they are really common these days.

What are the charges?

With Sell ticket you don’t have to worry about the charges or fees for posting an ad as we don’t charge you for that. Yes it’s FREE!! Now you may be wondering if it’s free then what is in there for us. What benefit do we get by selling your ticket? Well there is one benefit for sure and that is your happiness plus we receive a really small percentage of the money you get after selling your ticket. 

Is Reselling Ticket Legal?

Yes it sure is but it doesn’t apply to all sorts of ticket for example you cannot resell a football match ticket in UK under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 unless you are the organizer of the match. But you can for sure resell tickets for music concerts or gigs as long as the sales abide by the consumer protection law.

So what are you waiting for? Get registered on Sell ticket, take the platform under your control and resell your ticket by utilizing our user friendly system. 

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