Insurance for practicing modern sword fighting

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Modern sword fighting is a form of contact martial art, rooted in the deep Middle Ages. Today, iron armor has been replaced with modern equipment, and the rules of competition exclude the risk of serious injury. However, despite this, insurance for modern sword fighting is an invariable attribute of competitions, because contact martial arts is always a danger of accidental injury.

What is covered by insurance for modern sword fighting

Insurance for practicing modern sword fighting covers injuries of varying severity, from minor injuries to a disability, or the death of an athlete. The validity of the policy depends on the type of insurance and may apply only for the duration of sports activities or have round-the-clock coverage (for children). In the event of an insured event, the insured has the right to receive material compensation.

Any of the insurance packages offered by the Sport. insure service has a “Worldwide” coverage area, you will no longer have to buy additional insurance to travel to international competitions outside of Russia. Insurance is issued within a few minutes and is an official document with full legal force. Apply for a policy online and you will be covered by insurance for up to 1 year.

You can calculate the cost of the policy on the website using the online sports insurance calculator.

Typical Sword Fight Accidents

As with any sporting activity, accidents are not uncommon in modern sword fighting. The damage is different, but they are all the result of carelessness and neglect of martial art.

Conventionally, all injuries can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Damage received through negligence;
  • Damage resulting from a violation of the rules of technology.

Both of these categories can include injuries of varying severity, among which bruises, dislocations, sprains, soft tissue injuries, and back injuries predominate.

In the opinion of coaches, any injury in this sport can be avoided if the fighting technique is strictly followed and the rules of the fight are followed. So, according to statistics, 80% of injuries occur from the infliction of prohibited strikes or strikes that are not related to the affected area. Also, accidents occur due to poor physical fitness, carelessness, or fatigue of the fighter.

Types of insurance for practicing modern sword fighting

In our insurance service, both novice athletes and professionals can buy insurance.

For practicing modern sword fighting, Sport. insure offers four types of insurance – these are:

  • Insurance for a specific competition;
  • A policy with annual coverage;
  • Insurance for a child with round-the-clock coverage;
  • Insurance for travel to competitions abroad.

A policy with round-the-clock coverage was developed especially for children. Children’s insurance (coverage 24/7) covers not only injuries sustained in training or competitions but also accidents before and after sporting events.

Only for the time of training in modern sword fighting for the period of the training process or competitions, you can issue standard insurance from the National Assembly, or a policy of TCD with coverage for outdoor activities, its validity is limited by the duration of stay in the country.

How to get the insurance payment

Payments of material compensation for insurance for practicing modern sword fighting are charged in accordance with the severity of the diagnosis and the amount of coverage specified when issuing the policy. Insurance payments are transferred to the current account of the insured within 14 days after the submission to the insurance company of the application for compensation and proof of the fact of the insured event.

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