IAS Interview Preparation Tips

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UPSC Interview is often considered very tough to crack. Indeed, it is the most elaborated job interview one could take in his or her life.

 UPSC panel is chaired by Senior bureaucrats along with a subject expert of your UPSC optional subject. It is also chaired by a psychological doctor who judges the interviewer’s body language and overall behaviour.  

Thus, you can expect the depth question related to your subject. Additionally, you should be properly updated with current affairs.

 Sometimes, IAS Interview questions can be very tricky but you need to be very particular in answering those questions.  You could check the common IAS interview questions asked in the UPSC interview. 

Top 5 tips for clearing the UPSC Interview (Personality Test)

  1. Admit that you don’t know: If you are asked any questions that you are not familiar with in the IAS interview then don’t beat around the bush.

Simply admitting that you don’t know is the best answer to the question.

It indicates to the interviewer that you are honest and humble enough to admit that you don’t know. Generally, Interviewers don’t like a know-it-all attitude.

  1. Don’t over exaggerate the Introduction: This is the very crucial question to decide in what way your interview direction will be.

Mostly, interviewers ask questions taking the hint from your introduction. Thus, it’s very necessary to mug up all the pertaining items which you speak in your introduction.

 For example, if you have told your interviewer about your District especially then you may expect some questions revolving around your district.

  1. Confessing you are nervous: Everyone gets nervous in the interview and Civil Services interviewers also understand it. 

Remember, they also have been on the same seat where you are right now. The best way to curb your nervousness is that you admit you are. 

It again indicates your interviewer that you are genuine in your approach.

  1. Take time to answer your Interview Questions: IAS candidates believe that if they take time to answer the questions then they will be marked down.

However, the reality is very different. You should always take 4-8 seconds pause to answer your question.

 It helps you prepare your answer in mind and interviewers also don’t feel it. It clearly indicates that you measure what you speak. And, believe it or not, it’s a good habit to have for IAS officers.

  1. Sleep Well before Interview: Perhaps, you don’t know the impact of deep sleep. It calms your mind and helps you relax.

IAS aspirants are always under pressure to perform well and they accumulate a lot of anxiety as the interview dates come near.

Thus, it’s recommended that you sleep well before an IAS interview. It helps you relax. If you do it then you will be able to handle pressure easily and will also be able to answer logically. 

I hope you find these tips useful for your interview. You should keep practising as well to do better. It’s said that UPSC doesn’t make IAS, it hires them. So be positive and always remember, there is an IAS in you.  Join the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi as well if you have  any doubt about your preparation. 

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