How to Write a Dissertation Introduction?

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1. Provide Background For Your Research! 1
2. Clearly State The Focus Of Your Paper! 2
3. What Is The Value Of Your Research? 2
Finally! Mix Everything Into One 2

As a general rule, the word count of your dissertation introduction should be between 800-1000 words and not more. Exceeding this word limit would harm your research paper.

The dissertation introduction is an opening statement that contributes profoundly to the entire structure of your research. The use of scholarly vocabulary in this section is limited to 40% of your word count. Meaning that simple words and terms would reflect a good impression for your dissertation.

However, contrary to stereotyping the fact that the introduction should be written first, in a dissertation, the case is entirely opposite. You are better off writing your introduction in the end. This approach is designed to accumulate all the knowledge of your dissertation in the opening paragraph. If you find this challenging, then you can resort to the dissertation help UK style services that have professional writers to assist your work. If you plan to write one yourself, then here is our approach to buy law dissertation services UK.

1. Provide Background For Your Research!

A dissertation introduction is an opening statement, but it is written conclusively. In this chapter, you would start with a background for your research. Meaning you will add all the scholarly resources that led you to believe that your topic is necessary to write on. This is not as easy as it sounds, because whatever facts you state, have to be supported with scholarly references. So think and read all the researches related to your study meticulously.
The background section also tells the readers about the gap in studies that you found from previous researches. This could be anything relevant to your topic. For example, if your dissertation is constructed on

“The use of marijuana as a medicinal drug and its impacts on society.”

And all the researches discuss its adverse effects. You can base your paper on its health benefits and recovered patient data. This is a gap in the previous researches that you highlighted and found that awareness is necessary.

2. Clearly State The Focus Of Your Paper!

What many students fail to do after the background section is to clarify their focus of study. It is good that you have highlighted the gaps in prior researches, but what do you wish to achieve through your paper is also essential for the reader. Continuing from the previous example above, your focus of study would be,

“To create awareness about the health benefits of marijuana and its contribution to recovered patients in the light of statistical analysis (your methodology)”

However, this one-liner would not be sufficient for the reader to grasp your concept. You need to stress further on your topic. You can do this if you have ample knowledge over the supporting and contradicting studies on your research. But what value does your dissertation add to the scholarly world?

3. What Is The Value Of Your Research?

It is equally important to mention the value addition of your research as it is to mention your dissertation topic. So how does it differ from the focus of the study? Simple, in the focus section, you described what you aim to achieve. However, in the value addition part, you would explain what society would gain from reading your research. Again, continuing the previous example of marijuana, your value addition would be,

“This study would contribute towards creating an awareness regarding the use of marijuana as a medicinal drug. It would focus on the positive aspect of this drug in the light of statistical evidence and disease recovered patient data.”

Finally! Mix Everything into One Don’t be alarmed, all the heading mentioned above are separated from one another for your understanding. However, in a dissertation, you would only switch paragraphs to illustrate your point. You need to give a detailed explanation as possible. However, all of the above information has to be summarized under 800-1000 words. Exceeding this would only harm your grading! So make sure to stay within the limits!

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