How to Resolve QuickBooks Banking Error 102?

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Being the world’s number one accounting software, QuickBooks is developed by Intuit that focuses on small and medium-sized businesses. This financial software helps companies to manage their accounts online conveniently. It’s a helping hand for small and mid-size business owners, entrepreneurs and accountants to accomplish their business goals. Though it is made of technology, this online accounting software is not entirely free from errors. There are times when QuickBooks users encounter some technical errors while working on the system. One of them is banking error 102 that mainly occurs due to technical glitches. So, if you are facing the same error while working with QuickBooks, do not get worried! This blog will help you out with the solutions to resolve QuickBooks banking error 102 quickly and efficiently and avoid this issue in the future. In case you do not have much time to proceed further with each step, you can simply contact a technical expert at QuickBooks support number to get the best technical advice.
Causes of QuickBooks Banking Error 102:
You can refer to the following points to know the possible reasons for QuickBooks banking error 102 on your system.
•The very first prediction for QuickBooks error 102 could be due to inappropriate installation of the QuickBooks software in the system.
•QuickBooks banking error 102 error can also be caused when your bank’s website is going through some technical glitches.
•The time when the QuickBooks website is going through under construction.
•When the software is going through server issues in transferring data between the website of the bank and QuickBooks online.

Solutions to fix Banking Error 102:
By following these below-mentioned solutions, you can easily resolve the QuickBooks Banking Error 102 easily on your system without facing any hassle.
Solution 1: Check if QuickBooks needs an update:
If you are not able to see any maintains sign on your bank’s site or credit cards or find any issue, then you need to update the QuickBooks manually online. However, not all accounts are automatic, some may demand manual updates. In such a case, you need to apply some manual solutions to your QuickBooks banking error 102.
•The very first step would be to directly go to the ‘Menu’ option that will be present at the left corner, and after that, select ‘Banking.’
•The second step will be to click on ‘Clear Unwanted Accounts’ if you wish to update only selected accounts.
•Now, without any doubt, choose ‘Update Now.’
•Provide your ‘MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) and click on ‘Continue’ to update the details.
Note that one manual update will have you covered for 90 days. By doing this, it will ensure that, even if you require to unsubscribe the days between updates, you will get the most updated information when your account is connected to your bank account.
Solution 2: Check if you provided the correct account details:
With this solution, you can try to login to your bank’s account by giving the bank URL with online banking. If you fail to connect to your bank, you can follow these below-mentioned steps to recover this issue faster.
Step 1: The very first step would be to go to the ‘Menu’ option that will be present at the left corner of the QuickBooks account and hit ‘Banking.’
Step 2: If you are linking to a bank for the very first time, go to the ‘Search’ menu and see if they listed your bank name.
Step 3: However, if you are already linked to a bank, you can click ‘Add Account’ and search the name of your bank.
Step 4: Select your bank from the list.
Step 5: Now, a login web page will be open on your bank account, put in your ‘User ID/Login ID’ and ‘Password’ and click ‘Continue.’
Step 6: Click the bank symbol present at the left corner of your account and connect it.
Step 7: Select your bank type or credit card account. And, if you don’t have one, click ‘Add + New’ to make a new account.
Step 8: After creating the account for the first time, QuickBooks software will download the 90 days last transactions with your banking and CC transactions overnight.
Step 9: Without any doubt, click ‘Continue.’ This will take a couple of minutes or longer.
Step 10: Once the download is complete, you will be directed to the banking page. Now, the ‘Review’ tab will be there where you can review, classify and accept the transaction in QuickBooks.

After implementing these steps, if you are in the same trouble, do not break your head after this error. Be relaxed! The best you can do now is to speak to technical experts who are accessible round the clock at QuickBooks phone number to provide you with the best tech advice and solutions directly.

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