How To Pet Your Dog?

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Do you know which are the preferred areas for dogs to be petted? Do you wonder what is the best way to touch a dog? Discover how and where to pet a dog and learn more on Pet180.

We love dogs and we always want them to like us. An ideal way to establish a good relationship with dogs is to pet them. However, it is not valid to touch them in any way or in any area of their body.

Dogs, even if they don’t explicitly ask for it, prefer to be touched in certain areas of their body and with special pampering. In this article we detail how and where to pet any dog, also detailing the benefits of developing this practice on a regular basis.

Steps to Follow Before Petting A Dog

When we prepare to pet a dog that we already know, these previous steps can be avoided. Nevertheless, the precautions that we show next will be very useful to us in dogs in which we are complete strangers:

To Value the Aggressiveness of The Dog

Before caressing any dog, the first thing we must value is the aggressiveness that the dog shows us through its behavior. It is not complex to realize that a pet does not want to be caressed.

The barks, the grunts, the tension in its body or the intimidating position are clear evidences that a dog must not be touched. If the dog’s dislike is foreign to the owner, it is likely that the animal has an injury – bleeding, fractures, sprains, wounds, etc. – on his body.

Avoid Threatening Gestures

Before petting a dog, it is highly recommended not to make gestures that could pose a threat to the dog. This seems very obvious, but in many occasions in an involuntary way, we carry out movements or gestures that the dog can interpret as intimidating, which can provoke its reaction of fear or defense.

For example, a dog can consider as a threatening gesture to be caressed when it is pending another matter since it would catch it by surprise. It is also not recommended to prowl around.

Another intimidating scene may be to move your hand directly to his head, since dogs consider that you will hit them when making that gesture. Finally, another possible threatening sign is to look the dog in the eye.

To Put Yourself at His Level

Sometimes, especially in puppies, dogs look at us too big. That is why they get scared and run away from us. For that reason, a quite effective option is to put ourselves at the height of the dog sitting on the floor or kneeling -as long as we do not see signs of aggressivity.

In this way, the dog will contemplate us at his height and will lose part of the possible initial fear. The rest of the confidence is on us, we will have to earn it little by little!

Realize That He Wants to Be Caressed

Many times, we take for granted that the dog wants to be caressed. Although we find it hard to accept, sometimes dogs don’t want to know anything about us. If we put a little interest in the dog’s behavior, we will detect its refusal to be touched.

Among other things, a dog that does not want to be caressed tries not to look at you from the front, turns around in front of you, licks its nose and yawns frequently. Also, if you caress it, it does not react in any way and does not ask for more “cuddles”.

Canine body language is not easy to guess, therefore, we advise you to read the common gestures used by dogs to know a little more the intentions of our faithful companions.

How to Pet A Dog?

Once we know the previous steps to pet a dog, it is necessary to know how to do it. The main thing is that the caress is sought by the dog and not the other way around. We should never have our arms extended over the dog and it is not good to hug it either.

The caresses should be carried out with the hands, which should move in a soft way in the same direction as the hair growth. To carry out the most satisfactory caresses possible, it is necessary to take into account the most pleasant areas for the pet. The areas that are more and less pleasant for the dogs you will discover in the next section.

Where to Pet A Dog

There are certain areas to pet a dog where it is impossible to fail. Dogs feel a unique pleasure and comfort in the following places:

Behind the Ears

The first caress we usually give a dog is directed to its head. However, this area is not the favorite of dogs, quite the contrary.

For that reason, we recommend you to begin to win the dog’s affection by touching him in a very close area: behind the ears. When you begin to caress this area, you will realize that it is one of the most pleasant places for the animal.

The Chest

Few places are so popular with dogs as the chest, and yet we don’t often pet this area. Give it a try, I’m sure the dog you touch in this area will love it!

The Final Part of The Back

If there is one area that our faithful companions love, it is the base of the tail or the back end. Most people don’t tend to caress this area much either, however, the dog is always grateful and very appreciative of the caresses in this area.

Between the Neck and The Chin

Of the areas preferred by dogs, this may be the most complex to pet, since it is a place where the dog makes continuous movements, besides being very close to the dog’s mouth.

If we don’t know the dog enough, it is not advisable to start stroking it under the chin, since we can get a fright!

These are the four main areas where, in general, dogs prefer to be caressed. However, you may wonder which are the areas less desired by our faithful companions. Although it may seem incredible, dogs don’t find it very amusing to be stroked by humans.

Nor are the upper ears, back, tail, legs and muzzle highly coveted. Following our recommendations, success in touching a dog is assured!

Benefits of Petting A Dog

The pampering and caresses that we provide to the dogs will not only be a way to show our respect and affection for the animal, but also provide another set of benefits that you will be surprised to know:

Good anti-stress remedy: One of the most outstanding contributions of caressing a dog is the relaxation it brings to both parties. If we are going through complicated stress situations, giving affection to the dogs can be a very effective therapy to escape from that complicated pathology.

The dog does not remain behind either as far as calmness is concerned. Caresses calm our faithful companions and take them out of intense situations and possible stages of stress or anxiety they are going through.

It helps to counteract the problems of the heart: Multiple studies from different parts of the world have agreed on the positive thing for the heart that is the fact to caress a dog. According to these, the cardiac rhythm and the arterial pressure of the people diminish like immediate effect of the relaxation that contributes to touch a canine.

The people who suffer cardiac problems will be very thankful for this contribution of the dog, since it will help to avoid possible problems of the circulatory apparatus. Therefore, caressing our faithful companions will only bring joy to the heart!

It increases the state of happiness: If there is something clear when we caress a dog, it is that we feel much happier and more animated. The affection we are entitled to is one of the most valuable things we have in our lives. They are always happy and willing to make our day! Discover 9 things your dog has taught you for sure.

Action to help various medical therapies: In addition, petting a dog can also do a lot for people with certain mental and physical illnesses. There are people who turn to the technique of canine therapy to stimulate their senses and improve their movements. There is no better way to take advantage of the caresses of dogs!

It increases the defenses of our immune system: In a world where the human being is surrounded by chemical protectors and disinfectants everywhere, he is, dogs are, although some owners find it hard to recognize, an inevitable nest of bacteria and germs.

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