How to Increase Engagement Rate of your Facebook Community?

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The Facebook community has hundreds of million active users all over the world on daily basis. Users spend roughly 40% of their time on the News Feed.

However, it can be difficult to attract and unite a huge and interested community around the brand. In this article, we’ll try to cover 6 key points to help you to increase your Facebook page engagement rate.

1 – Measure the challenges of a brand’s presence on social networks

Social networks are a social interaction model. In a commercial context, they facilitate the exchange between individuals and the brand. There are some great ways to increase Facebook engagement.

Facebook can become an extraordinary growth lever for an e-commerce site. However, it can be difficult for a brand to unite a community. It is not easy to create engagement with individuals on this network. Few companies manage to generate engagement on Facebook: like share or comment.

First, it is important to understand what the challenges of developing a brand on social networks can be, especially if it’s a free affiliate website content via RevGlue. They can offer a lot if they are well mastered. Optimal control of social networks allows:

to develop customer relations

improve brand awareness

to spread a modern image of the brand

to boost its traffic.

In addition, they can play a decisive role and influence the purchasing process. 38% of users take social media reviews into account before taking action. And 35% say they have become new customers of a brand through a social network.

2 – Adapt to user expectations

The importance of action lies in the fact that any action of an individual provides additional visibility. Any action will be displayed in the news feed of his contacts. Knowing that on average a French person has 177 friends, a simple like can increase a brand’s visibility tenfold. What are the motivations of social users to like a brand’s fan page?

According to a study by the National Union of Direct Communication, by subscribing to a brand on social networks, users have high expectations.

Social users:

expect trade discounts

appreciate having the opportunity to give their opinion

subscribe to benefit from brand advice

seek to have exclusive content

want more qualitative customer service

are looking for games and apps

It is important to keep these motivations in mind when defining the editorial line as well as each time you publish content. It is these guidelines that will help you adapt the content offered and help with engagement on Facebook.

3 – Focus on content popular with social users

It is essential to select the content broadcast with care. They must be relevant and related to your field of activity. The most important thing is to create envy. Before posting content, get in the habit of asking yourself if it adds value.

It has been noticed that some content generates more engagement than others. The most popular are photos, videos, contests, promotions as well as links like marketing agencies do. These are the most shared, liked, and commented posts.

It is recommended to favor visual elements as well as short texts, not exceeding 250 characters.

4 – Involve your community

It’s important to include open-ended questions in your posts. It prompts your network to communicate. The advantage of social networks is that each user has the opportunity to express their opinion and directly engage in conversation with a brand. Don’t just talk about yourself! You can also relay information about other companies in your sector or news.

You can also involve your community in certain decisions relating to your site, or your products. Like Oreo, who suggested that his community choose the next fragrance for the famous biscuit. Involving the community can be useful in order to generate engagement on Facebook but also on your e-commerce sites.

5 – Choose the best time to publish

It may seem obvious, but a message will have more or less impact depending on the time slot it is broadcast. Certain times are more favorable than others for the dissemination of a message.

Which are they? Some studies estimate that it is around 11 a.m. that the best performance is recorded. And that engagement rates are up between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.

However, the answer is more complex: it all depends on your target. That is why it is more than important to study it. To do this, you have to analyze the statistics of your page and ask yourself the following questions: “at what time is my target online?” and “in which time slot am I likely to get the most commitment?”.

6 – Adjust the frequency of publication of posts

Feel free to test and analyze several posts and their repercussions. You can then adjust based on your best results.

It is advisable to post content at regular intervals, even on weekends. However, don’t overwhelm your community with a constant stream of information. Too many posts will have the opposite effect and put off social users. We recommend that you limit yourself to one or two posts per day.

The Facebook Rank algorithm filters a lot of content. It is estimated that it would only miss 10% of brands ‘posts in their fans’ feeds. By following these six steps you will solidify the weight of your content. Which promises you an enhancement by the algorithm.

On social networks, it is essential to place the consumer at the center of your axis of development. However, be careful to stay consistent between your strategy and the positioning of your business. Do you have in mind any examples of companies that have been perfectly successful in their social media integration strategy? Facebook lead ads allow you to deliver protected content to a target audience and collect information in an efficient and secure manner. Much like offering secure content on a website, lead ads offer value in exchange for certain information (name, company, contact details, etc.), but they differ from secure content on the web in a few key ways.

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