How to get Admission in Australian University?

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There are so many people love to study in Australia

Perhaps it is because it is located exactly on the other side of the world, or perhaps because of the strange local fauna, but undoubtedly Australia has become one of the favorite destinations of many young people from all over the world. There are those who leave to have an experience, or those who leave to enrich their English a little; every now and then some young people and not only, also start with the idea of ​​staying forever, so they sit down at a table and draw up an action plan that will lead them to obtain a permanent visa.
It has been since the opening of borders in the 1970s that Australia has grown from what was once a deliberately “white” country into one of the most ethnically composite states on the face of the earth and today a quarter of Australians are born abroad and almost half of the population has at least one parent born elsewhere.
But if multiculturalism is perceived in the open-mindedness and easy goingness towards foreigners and all minorities, sometimes it can happen that you find yourself in difficulty if your level of English, or your work skills are not up to those living in Australia. It is therefore often necessary to learn English and to study in Australia in general, because it is a fundamental step towards full social and work integration.

The Australian school system.

Country you go, place you find it is said to our house. The system is slightly different from that of the beautiful country. The normal path of any student is to attend Primary School (elementary school) then High School (which includes our middle and high schools) and then they can go to university.
Unlike India, in Australia you will have the possibility to choose whether after high school you want to attend university and therefore undertake a more academic course of study, or start a VET (Vocational Education and Training) course, a sort of course halfway between our superiors and the three-year university course.

Professional courses.

Once you have obtained your advanced degree, if you wish to continue and deepen your studies, you can request recognition of some credits for a three-year degree program.

Why study in Australia

In general, school diplomas and academic qualifications are not frowned upon only by the grandmother, but perform the two functions for which they were designed: preparing for the world of work and facilitating entry.

Some of the most popular courses are the VET professional courses. From construction (building and carpentry) to cooking, pastry, hairdressing or personal trainer courses. There are so many solutions and all these courses have professional outlets ready to welcome you and often dizzying salaries.

For example: in Australia, 72% of young people find full-time employment within 4 months after completing their higher education cycle. And the average salary for a recent graduate exceeds $ 52,000 gross per year. Of the remaining 28%, two thirds find a part-time job, and only one third remain unemployed. (Numbers that make your head spin). In short, studying in Australia does not mean either procrastinating or wasting time, but constitutes the visa on the passport for full personal fulfillment.

As we said before, the integration and success of your experience greatly depend on the level of English you have. It is easy to imagine that in every country you move to, the language is without a doubt what you will need to study the most.

English courses.

Once you arrive in Australia, the first step is certainly to improve your level of English, because without good English it is not possible to access other courses. Not only that, often it is also limited from the working point of view and many other work visas are off limits.
But fear not, you are in luck, because there are many English courses in Australia, in all sauces and of all kinds. During the day, in the evening, on the weekend, Business English or even courses to learn slang and idioms. They are always divided into levels, starting from beginner (basic level with English zero) up to advanced (very high level).

There are also numerous tests to assess your level of English proficiency, and they are all recognized worldwide: IELTS test, Cambridge Exam, TOEFL and OET. Each with its own specific preparation course.

Having a good level of English at this point will be like having a passport and you can ideally access all Australian study courses, perhaps choosing between a professional degree or an academic path.

Study in Australian university

Universities in Australia are internationally renowned and renowned for their work and academic qualifications on offer. It is not easy to access it, but once you have passed the initial step, the path will be downhill. They are courses planned in a different way than those we are used to in India. Many more projects, research to be done and interdisciplinary work and fewer oral exams.

All Australian universities have very close contacts with the world of work so it is unlikely that once you have obtained a degree you will not be able to find a job within one or two months.
The entry requirements are the level of English and previous qualifications: so if you want to start a Bachelor degree you will need a high school diploma. On the other hand, to access a Masters course you will need to already have a recognized three-year degree. for any degree related issues consult with us


Indeed Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world, but it is also true that you spend a lot, but you earn a lot. Thanks to the agreement with schools and institutes throughout Australia, Just Australia is able to offer promotional prices for English courses and diplomas.
The costs for English courses vary greatly depending on the course and school. One can generally apply the rule that quality goes hand in hand with price, although a very expensive school does not necessarily offer very high quality. Usually you will be able to enroll in English courses by week, so they offer great flexibility in terms of study periods (this however may depend on the type of visa you have).
As for the professional courses, the idea is more or less the same. Key difference is that these courses are structured in minimum three month periods. Attendance is generally lower than English courses and the cost is slightly reduced per week (it always depends on the course and school though). In order to enroll in these courses, you must apply for a student visa.
The university has a much higher cost for both English and VET professional courses. It is a challenging journey both from an economic and an educational point of view, but once completed it will put you in pole position in your job search.
Those who choose Just Australia will always get a lower price than direct enrollment in the school. In fact, the institutions prefer to entrust the registration and student visa application procedures to a series of agencies.
Otherwise the schools themselves would spend a lot of time just providing information and enrolling students. For universities, unfortunately, you cannot take advantage of promotions. In any case, Just Australia students are entitled to free assistance, advice, business contacts and services throughout their studies.

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