How To Get A Car On Rent In Heraklion?

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Be it for going to a charity gala or for roaming around the streets of Greece, you need a car. Now, buying a car for one time use or occasional use is not at all a wise option, especially when you want a limo and the cost of the vehicle is way beyond your affordable range. 

So, without a car, how will you attend the ball or visit the old buildings in the city of Heraklion? 

It does sound disheartening, right?

Well, not anymore, especially not when you have the golden opportunity in the form of a Heraklion car rental company. The city does have a lot of car rental companies- some providing normal cars for normal use while some provide elite cars like a convertible or a limousine. However, it seems that even though your transport problem is solved, another challenge has taken its place. And, this hurdle comes in the form of getting a car on rent that will match your needs perfectly. 

Since it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to rent a car Heraklion port, we are going to discuss certain facts that will help you rent the best car in the city. So, without any further delay, let’s start the much impending discussion. 

Budget Matters A Lot For Renting A Car

The first thing that you need to take care of is the price of the Heraklion car rental. Yes, indeed a rented car will cost much less as compared to a brand new car. But, still, it will be wise to compare the prices of various rental companies whose names you have shortlisted. We aren’t saying to compromise the quality of the car for a few bucks. But, at least, you need to choose a company that provides rented vehicles at an affordable range.

Your Need Of A Car Must Match With What The Company Provides

Let’s assume you want an Audi A3 model for going to your college reunion. But, unfortunately, the Heraklion port car rental company doesn’t stock any model of the Audi brand. This will simply waste your time and your energy too. That’s why it is much better if you simply cross-check whether the company is offering the car that you want or not.

Check Whether The Cars Are Insured Or Not

Whenever it comes to vehicles be it yours or someone’s, you always need to consider everything regarding auto insurance. The same applies to Heraklion airport car rental. Choose a company that can display proper insurance papers against a car you have selected. Also, make sure that the papers are up to date and cover both accidental and liability costs. 

Discuss The Rental Hours And The Distance To Be Covered

Different Heraklion car rental companies charge in different ways. For example, if one company is charging you based on the number of rental hours, another company might charge you based on the distance you will cover in the car. So, to avoid any confusion in the future, we will advise you to discuss these matters beforehand and let the company know for how long you will be renting the car and what is the expected distance. 


Getting the perfect and an immaculate Heraklion city car rental is certainly quite overwhelming. You will be spending so many amounts and it will be quite upsetting if you can’t ride a car of your preference. This is the reason why you need to be very cautious and follow this guide while narrowing down the list to a single car.

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