How to filter MAC Address?

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How to filter MAC Address?- If you want to control access to the network based on the MAC address, filtering the MAC address is the only option. Before going to details about how to filter MAC addresses, we should know more about it.

MAC address stands for Media access control address. Just like the Internet protocol address, we have the MAC address as a unique identifier. It is assigned to many network interfaces and is used as a network address. It serves as a network address to IEEE 802 network technologies. These network technologies include Ethernet and WiFi. If you configure the feature, you can allow or deny access to the Internet.

Someone with very basic knowledge of networks can skip this filter. Hence, many specialized sites termed it as a low-security filter. If the MAC address is combined with many other and better security protocols, the filter might become more difficult to crack. It can hence improve this aspect.

Do you know how to filter MAC address for your Wi-Fi router? Well, to make you understand better, we will take an example. Let us assume that we have a wireless router of TP-link.

Steps to filter MAC address for a TP-link router

1. Open any of the web browsers present on your computer. You will find an address bar where we enter the link of websites to visit them. You can either enter the official website of TP-link or the IP address of your router. The official website for the web browser is On the other hand, the default IP address must be either or After the webpage is opened, you would require entering the username and password. If you have not changed your username and password, the default will be “admin” for both cases.

2. After you have entered your username and password, you need to go to “IP and MAC binding”. After that, click on “ARP List Page”. The ARP list page will present to you the MAC address of all the devices connected to the router. This way, you can track who all are using your WiFi connection.

3. On the first page after logging in, there will be an option of “wireless”. You need to click on that hyperlink followed by a click on the “Wireless MAC filtering page”. After the page is opened, you will find “Add New”. Click on it to allow or deny access to any MAC address.

4. Type in or paste the MAC address which you want to allow or deny access. It is better to give a description of that item so that you can modify it later. The status box just after the description box must be selected “Enabled”. At the end, you have to click the save button.

5. The last step is about the filtering function. If you want to deny access to the Mac address, select “deny”. If you want that MAC address to access your Wi-Fi, select “allow”. After selecting any one of them according to your choice, you need to click on the Enable button present right after “Wireless MAC Filtering”.These are the steps you need to follow to filter MAC addresses. This is used for security actions and to have better control over your Wi-Fi connection. Hence, you should also definitely try to filter MAC address as per your need

How to set DHCP Reservations?

There might be some incidents when you compulsorily have to know the IP addresses of your computers. Most people use DHCP. By using DHCP, whenever you reboot your computer, your IP address re-assigns. This is the reason why you have to check your IP address so many times.

To remove this hassle, a thing called DHCP reservations came into action. By using DHCP reservations, you can reserve specific IP addresses to each computer on your network. Every computer will obviously have different IP addresses but at least each one of them will be specific. This means that even after reboot, the IP will not reassign itself. This way they will always have the same IP and you need not check it again and again.

Steps to set DHCP Reservations.

1. Go to the configuration tool of your router. Type the IP address of your router in the address bar of any browser. Normally, the IP address of a router happens to be

2. After the web page is opened, you will need to log in using your username and password. If you haven’t changed them, both the username and password are most likely to be “admin”.

3. After logging in, you will reach the configuration home page of your router’s console. You will need to find the DHCP reservation setting in the sub-menus. The DHCP reservation can also be called “DHCP Static Lease” or something similar to that. By my personal experience, chances are more for it to stay in the “Gateway” category.

4. Look for the computer which you want to reserve an IP address for. After you have found it, find its MAC address too.

*For finding the MAC address on Windows, type IP config into a Windows command prompt.
*For finding the MAC address on MacOS, first go to system preferences. After the system preferences window is open, click on “Network”.
* Click on your Wi-Fi card or Ethernet port. Then click on the “advanced” option.

The MAC Address is always in this form- 00:00:00:00:00:00. A Wi-Fi card and ethernet port will never have the same MAC address. Moreover, two different MAC addresses cannot be assigned to a single IP.

5. In the DHCP reservation setting, type the MAC address of the computer. This would act as the identity of the computer. After that, enter the IP you want to assign to that computer.

6. Do this to every other computer on your network to never have issues with changing IP address.

That’s how you set DHCP reservations to never allow your computer’s IP address to change.

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