How to buy used bike online- Step by step guide

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Indians across the country love bikes. Go to any part of the country, even in remote villages bikes are everywhere. India has a huge market for used bikes. It has increased the demand for buying as well as selling second-hand bikes. As second-hand bikes are available in good condition, many people prefer to buy them to save money. There are some popular online platforms to buy second hand bikes that offered quality bikes of varied models. Shopping for bikes is like shopping for cars. If you are buying for the first time, you should depend on the recommendations and expertise of the shop employees and if you are experienced then you will want a test drive. However, with the advent of online platforms, buying used bikes has become a smooth-sailing affair. 


Here are some great tips that you can follow as guidelines if you’ve decided to buy a used bike: 


  • Do online research before buying second hand bikes: First thing, which is important to select and sort list the bikes of your choice. Check out different online platforms to gather complete information about the model, make, and year of the bike. Searching out on different platforms can help you to find the best deal at cheap price.
  • Choose the marketplace wisely: The online marketplace is a great option to buy second-hand bikes. Now, after sort listed the different bike models, it is the time to choose the marketplace. Compare the prices of different platform and online sellers to final the deal.

  • Ask questions about used bikes for sale: Bike owners can say you every detail regarding the bike they want to sell. Owners who have neglected their bikes or are selling a damaged or stolen bike might give you vague answers or cannot answer your questions. 


You should get clear answers to the questions such as the following:


  1. Where and when did you buy it?
  2. The reasons for selling it
  3. Whether the bike has been crashed?
  4. When were the shock and fork last serviced? 
  5. Are brake pads replaced?


         Ask all relevant questions because you are putting your hard-earned money to buy a bike.      If you find any doubt just walk away.


  • Inspect used bikes carefully: Even if a bike looks shiny and clean, it might have structural defects or damage that the bike seller is hiding and might cause catastrophic consequences. The manufacturer warranties do not transfer to second bike owners. Check whether the bike was regularly maintained. 


Consider the following:


  1. Are there discoloration areas and was any touch-up paint used?
  2. Can you see any cracks, dents, crashes signs, or major dings?
  3. What are the condition of the brakes and the pads?
  4. Pump up as well as down on the fork and shock? Oil leaking? Weird sounds? Broken seals?
  5. Inspect the cassette, chainring, and chain for major wear. 


While buying online, look for items that have a return period, which will enable you to return the bike post-inspection. 


  • Test drive the bike

It is strongly recommended not to buy a used bike before test driving it. Know the correct model/size before you shop online and do not just depend on the posted geometry charts. Take at least a few minutes’ rides before you buy a bike online. It will give you some peace of mind. 


  • Check Paperwork

Once you are completely satisfied with the technical aspects and also content with the test drive, you should check the paperwork. The papers should be genuine and clear. Check the tax certificate, registration certificate, Valid insurance, PUC certificate, service history, and NOC. 


  • Price

After you are happy with the paperwork, you should sit down with the seller and negotiate the price. Know the price of the new bike model and deduct the depreciation. After you have agreed on the price and you can sign the paperwork and make the payment. 


Buying second hand bikes is a good choice, however, you should go through paperwork and mechanic check before you buy one online. You can get a good deal and save money if you follow these tips to buy used bikes online or offline. 

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