How Much Does Enclosed Auto Transport Cost?

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Shipping your car might feel like a task that can frustrate you, however, it might not be if you do your due diligence and ask the right questions. There are two ways to ship your vehicle across state lines, mainly open transport and enclosed transport

Open transport is a cheaper option as your car is just loaded onto a ramp and the back of a truck and then driven across state lines. This method is usually used for cars that are ordinary and just need to be taken from one point to another without having to add miles onto the meter. Dealerships often use open auto transport to ship their cars. Once they arrive with all the dust and gunk that nature threw at them, they are given a thorough cleaning and are good as new get to know more about the process through CarExpertGroup guidelines.

Enclosed auto transport on the other hand is for the people who are serious about their cars. This method costs a lot more than open-air, but it protects your car from all the elements that can damage the car. This method is mainly used for sending off sports cars, collector cars, and antiques. 

  • Why should you use enclosed auto transport?

The very first question you should be asking is why should one go for enclosed auto transport for shipping their car off? 

Enclosed auto transport is one of the safest ways of shipping your car off across state lines. Unlike open auto carriers, an enclosed auto carrier protects your car from all the elements of nature, keeping it clean while being moved thousands of miles around the country.  

This type of transport is recommended for those people who value their vehicles and have put their time and effort into them. They do not want to put them in harm’s way and want to protect them by all means. They will put their cars in the enclosed trailers at one place and then receive them wherever they want across the country in the same condition without being touched by any element of nature like dirt, debris, bird droppings and so much more. The car will be protected and kept safe.

Enclosed auto transport also has a lot of other benefits. When the car is being loaded, it is loaded into the carrier by using hydraulic steps instead of just driving it up the ramp like open transport. The car will be trackable and can be seen by the owner. Other industry-standard amenities like E-track flooring, advanced controllable adjustable lift gates, and climate control hauling are offered by some of the best and most competitive companies around.

  • Enclosed auto transport cost

Now that we have gone through the advantages and benefits of sending a car that is a prized possession through enclosed auto transport, we have to factor in the cost as well. As mentioned earlier, enclosed auto transport is going to cost you a lot more than the normal open-air option, however, the benefits do outweigh the costs. There are three tiers where we can estimate the cost of sending your car off. 

  • Enclosed auto transport cost by miles

The first factor we have to put in while estimating the cost of sending the vehicle is the fuel it is going to take to send it there. Longer trips mean more fuel and more costs. At the lower end of the spectrum, enclosed auto transport is going to cost somewhere around 600 dollars for a 150 miles long trip. On the higher end of the spectrum a trip of 2750 miles would cost you approximately 1500 dollars. 

Note that all of these are approximate prices and there will be a variation in the final rate offered to you by the company.

  • Cost variation due to vehicle size

When a car is being shipped in an enclosed auto transport, the size of the vehicle is also put into consideration. So as we jump a size in the car form factor, we must add about 80 to 100 dollars. So a car that costs 1000 dollars to transport 500 miles, when the car is replaced an SUV, an additional 100 dollars are added. The same can be said when the SUV is replaced by a truck.


So here were the costs of sending your car using an enclosed auto transport. To put it all in perspective, you will want to send your car using this service only if you own a very highly sought after car, like a sports car or a collector car. The car will be fully enclosed in a trailer, away from all the dust and debris. The car will be transported to your prescribed location with a lot of care and protection. The cost for this transport will vary by the miles driven and the type of vehicle that is being transported.

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