How Electric Vehicles are going to Change the Future

How Electric Vehicles are going to Change the Future

The automotive industry is looking to improve the vehicles so that they are more affordable and environmentally friendly. Electric cars are gaining popularity because they are cost-effective and helpful in keeping the environment healthy as well. An electric vehicle is soon going to push the combustion engines out of the market. As electric vehicles become common their prices will drop and they will become a more viable and affordable option for the consumers.

The technology of electric cars is still in the development stage and there is a need for a few changes before it can overtake the automotive industry. If you are looking to buy a good electric car then you should go to car dealers Ashton under Lyne and they will be able to guide you.
Here are a few ways the electric cars are going to change the future of the automotive industry.
Supportive infrastructure:

Electric cars are a technology that is expected to grow significantly in the future. As the number of electric cars on the road increase then it is important that the grid stations are able to keep up with the increased demand. The power demand will increase with the number of electric cars and the automotive industry has to work with the energy sector to make sure that the generation of power is able to satisfy the power needs of the electric vehicles.

Apart from increasing the power generation, there is also an idea of allowing the electric vehicle owners to generate electricity to charge their cars. They will have storage systems that will be able to hold a charge to power the average home for a few days. The electric car owners can become “prosumers” and sell the excess power back to the grid after their power needs are met. It will help in creating a supportive atmosphere for electric vehicles.

Evolution of smart meters:

The smart meters are used commonly nowadays and these meters are able to provide insight about the consumption of energy. With the increase in electric vehicles, there is a need for second generation smart meters. The new generation of smart meters has been created and is in use but they need to become more sophisticated.

The second generation of the smart meters has the ability to measure energy consumption and also record the generation of power by the prosumer. The latest smart meters can calculate the daily energy needs of the household and use the information to how much energy the household will need and make sure that it is available when you need it.

Cost-effective vehicle repairs:

The electric vehicles are better than the traditional combustion engines in a lot of ways. One thing that sets them apart is cheap repairs. The traditional engines are extremely complex and they have about two thousand moving parts. The electric vehicle is much simpler as it usually contains less than twenty moving parts. The low mechanical complexity means that they are less vulnerable to mechanical failure and will fewer repairs or replacements. If an electric car faces a mechanical failure the cost of repairs will be much lower than the traditional combustion engine.

A durable investment:

The electric cars are still not very common but the number of these cars is expected to increase significantly in the future. They are relatively expensive but the prices are expected to decrease with time. Buying an electric vehicle is a smart investment because they are durable. The batteries used in cars have a long life. Tesla, a frontrunner in electric cars, has already developed batteries that only lose 1 % of their capacity after about 30, 000 km. Other companies developing electric cars are also looking to improve the batteries and achieve the same or even better results.

The electric cars are going to be a huge part of the automotive industry because they are perfect for satisfying consumers.

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