How do you keep your guests entertained at wedding photos?

How do you keep your guests entertained at wedding photos?

Weddings are a blast. You can even ask the shyest of people, and they will too have the same answer. Not only do you get to meet all your faraway relatives and friends but also get to enjoy to your fullest. The grandeur, the larger than life event, the glamour, the oomph, the hospitality, everything combines to give you an enriching experience. However, if it is your own wedding and you are fretting about how to get great photos at your own wedding, this struggle can be quite real. We all want to make great memories at the most important day of our lives and have it snapped or recorded. A wedding is an event that can have a sea of emotions. And you would love to capture those real emotions to cherish them all in your later years.

How do you keep your guests entertained at wedding photos?

However, you should ensure that your wedding is not a bland event. To keep your guests entertained throughout, you need to make arrangements beforehand because happy guests will lead to more lovely pictures. And there are ample ways to get your guests hooked to your party. If you are clueless about how to host a grand and fun wedding party, don’t worry; we will help you through. Even if you are planning a budget wedding party, we got you covered there as well. There are quite a few small wedding entertainment ideas, which you can try out for wedding entertainment ideas cheap. Read on to pick up tricks of the trade about how to entertain wedding guests during photos:

  1. Engage your guests in the party from the very first moment:

    The key to arrest the attention of your guests from the moment they walk in is to make them feel connected right from the first second. You can do so by handing them personalized notes, thanking them for being a part of your wedding. This kind of gesture is bound to make your guests pampered and flattered. Furthermore, this gesture might also inspire them to engage themselves in fun activities at your party.

  2. Keep the bar open at all hours of the wedding party:

    It is no strange fact that guests are lured to be a part of any wedding party because of its food and the alcohol. Alcohol really helps to set the mood of the party. If you want to make sure that your guests have as much fun at your wedding party as you, you got to have the right ‘spirits’ at your party. That is to say, the contents of the bar are mood determiners for your wedding party. In that case, the bartenders and the mixologists are the key players in making your wedding party a grand success. To flatter your guests even more, you can have a cocktail hour or a craft beer bar. Both way, these quirky ideas will set out a grand and warm gesture to your guests, even making them actively participate in the wedding activities for guests at your wedding party.

  3. Organize games or wedding activities for guests at your party:

    Most of the wedding parties do suffer from the same issue, guests coming and leaving after having dinner. To make sure that you have the full attention of the guests since their arrival at your party, you can organize wedding activities for guests, or even games. Games will ensure that your guests have a fun time being a part of your wedding night. Activities and games will even make your guests interact among themselves and break the ice between people. There is no greater joy for a party host than to see his/ her guests intermingling and having a great time. Additionally, the intermingling of guests will also result in great group photos. So, if you want to have happy faces everywhere at your party, engage your guests with each other.

  4. A guest performance:

    Add a surprise element to your party with guest performances. Give them the token of surprise by giving your guests a show from a renowned musician or a band. Or if you want to dial up the surprise element a bit further, include a performance of the bride and the groom. The guests are there to wish well for your upcoming journey. If you present an individual performance or a couple dance, not only will you get great pictures of you two dancing but also tons of other pictures of your guests appreciating your effort. You can also do a theatrical dance performance of the love story between you two to narrate it to others but in a fun and fascinating way. This is definitely one of the fun wedding reception ideas activities to really warm up your guests for great pictures.

  5. A Photo Booth:

    Let’s admit it, photo booths are usually the busiest place in a wedding venue. The booths have loads of play cards and stickers, to make your pictures look even more quirky. To get happy pictures of your guests at your wedding, a photo booth is a must. Sure there will be quite a few wedding photographers clicking the most essential moments at your wedding party; a photo booth is one of the traditional wedding reception activities. You could also steal a moment or two and photo bomb a few pictures of your friends and relatives too. These are the memories that you will cherish the most in the later years. So go ahead, take that awkward picture with your friends at your wedding because nothing can replace the feeling of looking at old photos over a cup of tea and laughing hard at your antics! Therefore, the next time you Google ‘how do you keep wedding guests entertained during photos’, make sure that you have at least one phone booth at your wedding venue.

Besides the above, the most important aspect of a successful wedding party is a wedding venue. To make sure that you have great wedding photos, you need to make sure that the overall spirit of the party is high. Wedding venues play a big role in hospitality, the grandeur and the overall look of a wedding party. Thus, you should not make any compromises with the wedding venue.

How can Sloshout help you to plan a perfect wedding party?

To ensure that you book yourself one of the best wedding venues in Delhi NCR, you need to be in contact with the best wedding planners in Delhi. And Sloshout excels at designing the grandest of wedding or reception parties in Delhi NCR. Sloshout will help out find the most ideal wedding resort in Delhi NCR for you. Additionally, Sloshout will also help you plan the proceedings of the entire day for you. Thus, you can get valuable inputs from the most reputed party planning organization in the country for your party. Other than that, our venue experts can also curate a list of the most appropriate wedding places in Delhi NCR. You can choose from wedding resorts in Delhi, banquet halls in Delhi, farmhouses in Delhi, etc.

As soon as you take your pick, the concerned venue manager will get in touch with you. You can discuss the proceedings of the day in minute details with him, following which you can finalize your booking with a payment. The advanced payment is a meager 15% of the total party package. Besides the low advanced payment, the executives at Sloshout also make sure that you get your favorite venue at the cheapest rates. Thus, planning a wedding is not that expensive and difficult an affair anymore. Just reach out to us, leave all your worries to us.

Hence, make sure to place your bookings early. This will cut the chances of you missing out on the chance of booking your favorite venue at the day of your wedding. To sum it up, you should have a grand wedding to have the most fun pictures of your guests at the party.

Here’s wishing you have a grand wedding ahead and start the second chapter of your life with a bang.

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