How Can Burrata Cheese Be Presented In The Right Way?

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You must have heard of many Italian food products that are available in various stores, but there can be several products that are unknown to you. The most important of all points is that you don’t know the right way to serve and present them in front of your guests.

What Is Burrata Cheese?

To the people who are not aware of the Burrata cheese; their first question is what is Burrata Cheese? The first thing to tell them is that this is an advanced form of mozzarella cheese. It has two layers of mozzarella cheese; the filling is with creamy cheese and it is made into a ball with a hard cheese shell.

Which Kind Of Milk Is Best For Burrata Cheese?

This cheese was first created at the start of the 20th century when mozzarella cheese was left after being used. The people thought to use it is a creative way and thus Burrata Cheese was created. Initially, this cheese was made from water buffalo‘s milk but many producers also used milk from cows.

Tips For Presenting Burrata Cheese The Right Way

It is a common misconception that the Burrata cheese can be served only one way and that is by presenting on a plate and eaten as it is. So another question that can be asked is what ways is Burrata Cheese served? The answers are mentioned below.

It Should Be Served At Room Temperature

Many of the Italian dishes and foods are best served when they are settled at room temperature. If you have put it in the fridge then take it out approximately half an hour before serving.

Presenting Fresh Is Ideal

When you receive your Burrata cheese from online stores like Burrata House; you should serve it the day it arrives. You have to order the cheese and make sure that the delivery date is on the day you want to serve it.

Don’t Over-Do The Seasoning

The simplest to serve the Burrata cheese is on a plate, drizzled with olive oil, and season it with salt and pepper. Over-seasoning the cheese can ruin all of the original taste.

Combine With Pizza

If you are serving Burrata cheese combined pizza then your guests will ask how to eat Burrata pizza? Your reply should be just like you eat any other pizza. Burrata cheese is scattered on the pizza like other cheeses, but the flavor is different.

Serve It Individually On Plate

Many people prefer to serve it as antipasto along with other ingredients. Either you can place the cheese on individual plates for each guest or three to four for many.

Dressing On Salads

The Burrata cheese is unique because it can go very well with salads whether they are made from vegetables or fruits. You can crumble it and spread on or place the cheese whole on the plate. 

Placed On Slices Of Italian Bread

The Burrata cheese tastes very delicious when placed on toasted slices of Italian bread. Also a spoon full of pesto or other tasty pastes. 

Burrata Cheese Served In Main Course

What is Burrata Cheese serving methods in the main course? It is a cheese that can be placed on meat and combined with pasta as well. So you have many choices for serving the Burrata Cheese.

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