Here’s How To Obtain A Healthy Lifestyle – 5 Daily Things To Do

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A healthy lifestyle is a necessity, not a choice. I mean, it better be thought of as a necessity but many people around the world have taken it down to the level of being a choice. This is where they make the mistake because living an unhealthy life is nothing but a depressing thing. You tend to look less attractive every day and your health goes down by time making you vulnerable to many diseases. Your life span gets low because of this. I’m interested in reminding YOU to improve the way you live because your first priority should be your health. Plus, you start to look rotten if you don’t follow the basic hygiene or good hygienic practices. 

Would you like it when people don’t actually want to come near you or talk to you? If you wouldn’t, then consider following the hygienic routine I’m going to tell you about. 

  • Hey Hey! Stop Wearing That Much Cologne

You see, whenever you see the ads on TV or anywhere, you see that they market the colognes and perfumes in a way that when men wear them, they attract women. So what men do is get up in the morning, take a shower with a cologne (not literally, of course), and then go out expecting that they feel attractive. That’s a horrible thing to do! Make sure that you only dab or spray some cologne on your wrist insides and then you’re good to go. Don’t take a shower from it or else you’ll like a douche! 

  • Wait! Don’t Wear It Without Taking A Shower

Phew! Thank God that I stopped you right there. Why were you even considering wearing perfume as an alternative to taking a shower?? What about all the bacteria that’s been stuck to your body for God knows how long? You need to get that off first man if you want to maintain good hygiene. Not only will you smell bad but you’ll look bad as well if you don’t take a shower and wear the cologne. In summer, you have to take a shower at least 2 times in a day: one is before you go out to work, school, or wherever, and two is after you come home from there. Don’t consider this as an exception because if you do, you’re destroying your health. 

  • Trim Your Nails

Imagine you’re talking to someone and you’re using your hands for the gestures, how will the other person think when he notices the long, irregular, and stuffed-with-dirt nails? That’s a horrible impression. And if he or she mentions it in front of you, imagine the guilt… Imagine you’re eating something with the same hands… Please, get rid of all this and simply keep your nails trimmed and clean. No, I’m not saying that you should get your manicure and pedicure regularly because just trimming and cleaning your nails will do the trick. Long and unclean nails are just a sign of laziness and being unhygienic and both of these things are super turn off for everyone. So make sure that you take care of yourself well. 

  • Keep Your Face Looking Fresh 

A fresh looking face doesn’t mean a celebrity-like face – covered with makeup. You need to actually look fresh with your natural face because that’s the most attractive thing in the world, natural beauty. Make sure that you sleep well every day so you don’t get those irritating and depressing dark circles under your eye. Plus, wash your face with a good beauty soap every day that you can find from any good brand. It should be displayed in anything like soap sleeve packaging that the soap brands buy from Dawn Printing which is a genius team of packaging experts. A a a! It’s not going to end here. At least once or twice a week, make sure that you exfoliate your skin to get rid of the dead skin cells that make your skin look dull so your face looks fresh and new. 

  • Your Hair Shouldn’t Look Messy

Yeah I know, messy hair do look cool but in fact, they are a style that requires some effort. You don’t just get up in the morning, see that your hair seems like a mess, and you consider it as a style. Nope! To get messy hair, you should probably get some help from your hairdresser to know if the desired style would look good on you or not. Anyways, what I wanted you to know is that you shouldn’t let your hair grow for longer times because that will make you look lazy and ungroomed. The hair will become a mess because of this. So keep getting your hair trimmed at least once in a month so you could maintain the length of your hair and look clean from up there. 


You can picture an unclean, and clean and groomed version of yourself right now, can’t you? Which one do you want to acquire? Of course, it’s the clean version because not only it looks super attractive but you tend to save yourself from bacteria and viruses that could cause some trouble to your health. By taking a shower everyday, washing your hands regularly, and cleaning yourself up, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. You’ll definitely remember reading this article after that!

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