Has Media and the Power of Reporting Become More Facetious Than Real?

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Media is one of the most renowned business sectors in the present. The power it holds is unfound and unparalleled by any other spectrum.

The power of influencing the general public;

The power of changing the mind-setof the general public;

The power of igniting a fire inside the general public that may never die;

Media and all that it can do istruly magical, if done the way, which it mostly does.

Many media houses are whole-heartedly working towards making the world a better place. However, I would be lying if I said that all of them were working to achieve that.

The media is indeed a power house, no one can deny that, however, the world could use some more of the good kind of media.

People often do not consider media to be a complete business entity, especially the TV news channels. They do not believe that many are only running after ratings and higher viewer count. Because the task of media to highlight the truth, we think that all of them highlight it and do nothing to change the finer details. That is where we are wrong.

Media is indeed a business, and a business would do anything to make a profit, since that is the sole purpose of its establishment. They do not always portray the complete truth and even when they do, they tend to embellish it with their own version of the truth.

Here are some scenarios that will make you see the true side of the media.


Embellishing News with Hearsay

I’ll try to explain this one with an analogy, so bear with me.

Whenever we go to a restaurant, we want the food to look like it is a gourmet meal. From the way it is plated to the kind of garnishing is used by the chef, everything matters a great deal to us. However, the taste of the dish would always trump any kind of presentation and embellish, since that is the core of the dish. 

Now, think of the same and relate it to the news channels.

They also love to add garnishes, embellishments and more decorations than are needed. All of this is fine until what isportrayed is true. When the truth becomes distorted because of the way a news piece is embellished, it becomes problematic.

This is what is happening with the present day news items, the reporters lose sight of the truth of the matter because they are only focusing on making the news more sensational and controversial. As if something is sensational, only then would it sell.


The Political Campaigns and The Farce of Truth 

If you ask me the point when media outlets truly show how much of a profit they want to make, I would say that that point would be during the political campaigns.

Political campaigns are another business arrangement between the donors and the candidates. The candidate wants to win and the donors want their candidate to win. For this, they manipulate the truth and present it the way they want to and that is why I call that truth a farce.

To make the fact manipulation a success, they take the help of media outlets.

Because the news houses want to make more money, they would take any news and publish it, on many occasions they do not even corroborate the facts. 


Undue Focus of The Entertainment World

Majority of the news magazines and broadcasting channels focus majority of their time and energy on the entertainment world.

Which actor is dating a supermodel or a pop singer?

Which actor just got out of the rehab for drug use for the fifth time?

Which celebrity is pregnant, getting married, divorced or coming out of the closet?

I am not sure what I would do the knowledge of a famous, whom I do not even know personally, trying to hide his sexuality. Would I get rich, if he is a gay or would lose money, if he turns out to be straight?

Every channel, newspaper and magazine is constantly bombarded with the celebrity news. I personally do not think that we need that level of knowledge in our lives, we’ll be just fine without it.

More than the bizarreness of the entertainment news, the real problem comes when it takes the focus away from the authentic news that might actually be helpful to us. 

During the pandemic, when people were losing their jobs as fast as a tree sheds its leaves in autumn, the fact that many lenders were providing quick loans to the unemployed should have been reported. The loans are still being given to people without a permanent full-time job, yet many do not know about it. The reason? Entertainment news and the undue attention given to it.

So, you tell me, are the news outlets not a business that will do just about anything for a profit?

I think they are and they will. The realness and authenticity of the news has diminished to the point of being non-existent.



Knowledge is often compared with power. When the knowledge of the current world happenings is considered, our minds go to the news channels. Are they doing their job properly?

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