From Where Can I Get The Best CA Intermediate Study Materials?

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The ICAI released the CA Intermediate Study Material pdf for the latest examinations. From this page, the study material for CA intermediate can be easily downloaded. Along with the study material of the CA Intermediate New Syllabus the webpage will allow downloading the appropriate study material from the ICAI. On the official platform ( the study material was mentioned for the CA Intermediate New Syllabus. Only ICAI based study materials are highly recommended for CA students. From the below link, the CA Intermediate Study Material in English and Hindi can be downloaded by the students.

The latest news and updates of ICAI can be known through the VSI, which is the most authentic site.VSI ranks as the Best Institute For CA Intermediate In India. On the official website, the students find it tough to interpret the ICAI updates. On the official handle, the VSI Jaipur updates the single news, which is easy for the students to understand. One can get easy early updates by following the site on a regular basis.

What can be termed as the  CA Intermediate Study Material?

The study material for the latest ICAI CA Intermediate Examination got released by the ICAI, 

the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The subject experts have designed the study material for the CA Intermediate. The ICAI’s new syllabus covers all the important practical questions with a detailed explanation of the various topics. In order to assess the topic’s conceptual understanding, the CA Intermediate Study material pdf is downloaded by the students.

Some Easy Steps to Download the CA Intermediate Study Material

Step-1: One need to Visit the main ICAI Official Website (

Step-2: A drop-down list can be shown on the Home Page when the students click.

Step-3: A new window will get open when one click on the  “BoS Knowledge Portal”,

Step-4: In the new scheme one should make a click on the Intermediate Course.

Step-5:A new window will get open when one contains the subjects of the CA Intermediate Course.

Step-6: To get the CA Intermediate Study Material one needs to click on the subject. A new window will open when one clicks on the Study Material.

To get study material for every subject, one will open up with the new page that contains the link. When one follows the easy steps, then that person can simply download the ICAI Study Material For CA Intermediate PDF on the device. 

Does CA Intermediate Study Material provided by ICAI easy to Interpret?

From the authorized CA site, the CA Intermediate Study Material can be easily accessed by the students. One needs to easily download the study material on the device to easily access the content in the coming future. Most students find the notes Or the  CA Intermediate Study Material Pdf having the bookish language and thus not so student-friendly.

ICAI CA Intermediate New Syllabus Study Material is not easy to interpret especially for the CA students. The easy to interpret study materials are provided by the Best Institute For CA Intermediate In India.

From where can one download the pdf of the CA Intermediate Study Material?

VSI Jaipur is considered the best CA Coaching in India as for all students; it provides very easy CA study materials for different subjects and levels. One can easily access the ICAI Study Material for the CA Intermediate. Due to the book language, these are not easy to interpret. Own study material is prepared by the VSI Jaipur, which is guided by the efficient subject experts in both the languages. VSI Jaipur is denoted as the Best Institute For CA Intermediate In India as it provides very easy notes to each student, for every new session to publish authentic updates and give revised news of the CA Exams for every session.

Why should one refer to the study material for the CA Intermediate?

The Best Institute for CA Intermediate in India is the VSI Jaipur. It is because it provides easy to interpret study material, which is prepared by an experienced CA faculty of India. From the points mentioned below, you will get to know the reason why one has to refer to the VSI CA Intermediate Study Material Pdf.

  • No-Onerous Language

VSI Jaipur provides non-onerous easy language. Students interpret the CA Intermediate Study Material easily. There is an onerous language covered by the ICAI. The VSI Jaipur includes all the necessary keywords and easy notes. This can be the top reason in order to study the CA Intermediate New Syllabus Study Material. 

  • Practical Problems have simple solutions

In the given time period, some students solve all the lengthy papers. Every student gets smart solutions to the long questions by the VSI Institute. All of these questions are understandable and less time-consuming. It mainly helps the students to score decent full marks very easily. 

  • Presentation Importance

While studying, all the students must refer to the CA Intermediate Study Material. The correct sequence of topics helps to cover the entire syllabus within a very short duration. The material provided by the VSI is much easy and is systematically presented.


For scoring outstanding marks in the main exam, the CA students need to know about the CA Intermediate Study Material. The steps can be known in order to download the  

CA Intermediate Study Material Pdf from the ICAI. To study the tough CA Intermediate course, the students can refer to the VSI Jaipur. The institute provides very easy to interpret language which can be understood by a layman much easily.

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