Explore Dubai’s Arabian Desert with a Thrilling Desert Tour

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A Dubai Desert Safari tour is an exceptional opportunity to marvel at one of the world’s most exotic landscapes, and one that you should try out. With Dubai’s prime location within the Arabian Desert, a grand tour of the desert scenery is top of the list for visitors of the world-renowned city.

A Desert Safari in Dubai Experience

A Dubai desert tour includes a range of exciting activities that you can choose from including:

Wildlife excursion

Get to interact with Dubai’s wildlife in their natural habitat at the Dubai desert conservation reserve. During the wildlife drive, you will see wild animals such as the Arabian oryx, gazelles, sand fox, lizards, and wild cats among others. You can also enjoy an entertaining falcon show and interact with the exotic birds.

Hot Air Balloon

Go on a thrilling hot air balloon ride in the early morning. During this activity, you’ll enjoy the calming atmosphere of the dawn as you watch the mesmerizing views of a desert sunrise. From the above, you will also see Dubai’s wildlife roaming the desert dunes. An additional adventure is watching falcons soaring around you during the ride.

Camel Ride Dubai

Take a trip back to the olden ages with a ride on the famed ship of the desert. You can choose to take part in a caravan ride and relive the times when Bedouins used camels as a mode of transport. You will also interact with the magnificent creatures as you enjoy a serene tour of the desert.

Thrill Rides

A desert tour of Dubai includes thrill rides to awaken your sense of adventure. You can choose to go dune bashing on a 4-wheel drive vehicle and ride through the dunes, go quad biking, ride a dune buggy or surf through the sands on a sandboard. Either choice will make for an exciting and unforgettable experience.

Cultural Experiences

During a desert tour, you get to immerse yourself deeper into the Emirati culture and experience the lifestyle of the Bedouins. You can take part in traditional performances, taste their traditional cuisine, try Bedouin costumes or get a henna tattoo.


You will get to enjoy entertaining activities to liven up your experience. Some of the entertaining shows include Tanoura dance show, belly dancing, fire show, and traditional performances.

Desert Tour Packages

There are various packages to choose from for an exciting desert on Dubai tours:

Dune Buggy Safari

This is an off-road drive in a single-seater 840cc buggy or 2000cc double seater dune buggy. You will get to go on an hour or 30-minute long tour of the Dubai landscape, trailing through challenging terrain and experiencing the magic of the desert.

Quad biking safari

The three-hour tour takes you exploring the desert dunes riding a 440cc quad bike. You will receive training and other instructions before heading out on the fun tour to navigate the trackless desert terrain.

Hot Air Balloon Desert Tour

The hot air balloon tour takes place in the early morning. After the balloon is fired up, the pilot will whisk you away into the sky, 4000 feet above the ground. On this tour, get to see the golden desert sunrise above the spanning desert dunes. Below, enjoy breathtaking sights of a desert oasis, sand dunes, and animals such as camels and gazelles that inhabit the desert.

Camel Safari

You will go on this tour as a group safari, making up a caravan. Get to enjoy a 30 minute to 1-hour ride on a camel and explore the desert landscape.

Evening Desert Safari

The 6-hour desert tour is the ultimate desert tour experience. You will depart in the afternoon in a 4-wheel drive vehicle and go for an exciting dune bashing ride in the dunes. Get a chance to see the sunset while enjoying other activities such as quad biking, camel rides, and sandboarding. Later, head to the desert camp where you can try Arabic costumes or get henna tattoos. In the evening, enjoy delicious barbeque dinner as you watch entertaining shows such as tanoura live shows and belly dancing before heading back to your hotel.

There is always something exciting to do on a desert tour of Dubai. Depending on your preferences, there’s something for everyone to make their desert experience memorable and exciting. 

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