Exercise Routines for Senior Citizens over the age of 50, 60 and 70

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Taking good care of your health and exercising regularly is important for people of all ages to maintain a healthy mind and a healthy body. Without these two, your life gets unbalanced and irregular. But with the help of good health, you may enjoy your life to the fullest while also adding a few extra years to your life. Now, physicians recommend a number of ways to the senior citizens for staying fit and burning those extra calories while strengthening their bones and muscles but the one way that has been proven the best is exercising. And, fear not! When we say exercise for seniors over 50,60 and 70 is good. We do not mean hardcore workouts that even leave a youngster’s body aching for days. With time, more and more older adults are trying to keep their physique fit and stay active. By doing so, they are proving the fact that one does not need to be young in order to have fun and be fit.

The human body is wonderful in all its forms and shapes. When you reach 50, things start to change a little bit. This change is not only inevitable but also very natural and happens to everyone in their fifties or after. Things slow down a little, your muscles start weakening. Day to day jobs which felt like nothing before may feel like huge tasks and even a mere weight lift may leave your back aching for days. But noticing all these things does not mean you start getting discouraged by them. Instead, get yourself on your feet and do all you can do 

to stay fit and healthy because it is not only possible but achievable as well.

Senior Exercises for the balance!

Starting exercise for seniors over 50,60 and 70 does not mean you plunge into all your youth workouts because that could be very dangerous for your health and well-being. When you are over 50, certain movements can be inappropriate for your body joints and may cause sprains and aches which you certainly want to avoid. The intensity, as well as the time limit for your workout, is less than that of a young person because the body starts entering a fragile condition after 50 and one needs to be aware of that, not pushing the limit and causing any serious injuries.

Some exercises for seniors over 50,60 and 70 that you absolutely have to avoid are dips, deadlifts, bench press, free weight squats, and any exercises that may involve sudden movements that could result in the shoulder or head injuries.

Another important fact to keep into consideration before putting together your workout plan is to consult your physician to know if your workout plan will work best for your type of body. As older adults are more exposed to diseases such as osteoporosis, they need more care when it comes to working out. If the older adults feel any discomfort internally or externally while exercising, they should immediately stop and call their doctor.

Workout Seniors Routine

  • Cardiovascular Exercises

Include cardiovascular exercises in your pre-workout routine. A warm-up routine is good for improving your flexibility and reducing the risk of injuries. It has been said to warm up to the point you start sweating and your heart rate increases by a little percentage. Cardio can be done by doing stretches, aerobics, swimming, jogging, walking, and biking. All these activities can be made fun by including friends and family in them. Stretches can also be done while watching the TV or reading a book. All in all, cardiovascular exercises are extremely essential for your body’s good health, and doing them before a workout is absolutely crucial for a safe workout.

  • Weight Lifting

The second most important thing after cardiovascular exercise for seniors over 50,60 and 70 is weight training. Weight training also makes your joint more moveable and more active which is necessary for starting a workout. Weight training can be performed twice a week for 20-40 minutes depending on your stamina. Dumbbell sumo squats, dumbbell lunges, abdominal crunch machines, hyperextensions, and many other weight lifting exercises can be done.

  • Workout Seniors Routine for People Over 60

The best workout for your body after you reach 50 and above is a workout routine that involves all your important muscles and joints that need constant lubrication. Before starting your workout, it is absolutely necessary for you to do your 5-minute cardio routine. After warming up, do some slight upper body movements and then move to the core. After doing the core, move to your lower body. For the final part, move back to the cardio machines and do an extra 10 minutes of cardio.

Some good supplements and tips for fitness seniors

A lot of older people ask their physicians and gym trainers if they could take any supplements that would help them with their fitness routines. There are a lot of supplements that promote joint health and muscle health. Although supplements are good for older people, taking protein shakes would be absolutely pointless because their bodies cannot digest the excess protein. 

  • Multivitamins can be taken to boost the immune system and to complete the body’s needs for nutrients that are not fulfilled by the older people’s diet. People over 60 love multivitamins because they are easy to take and fulfill your body’s needs excellently. 
  • Fish Oils and other healthy oils may also help in maintaining one’s health and fitness seniors by lubricating the joints and strengthening the bones. These oils have also been proven to reduce the risk of mental disorders.


 After reading the above senior exercises for balance for people over 50,60 and 70, fitness senior tips and tricks for your fitness routine, we hope you are motivated enough to start working out this very day to make your lifestyle healthier and happier. Exercising has hundreds of visible and invisible advantages. The best of them are improved blood circulation, improved metabolism, an active body and an active brain, better moods because of the release of endorphins, and reduced risk of chronic illnesses.

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