Everything To Know About Golden Circle Tour In Iceland

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Iceland is one of the most beautiful and exquisite countries in the entire world. Not only it is known for its Nordic history but also it is famous for the scenic beauty that you would never find anywhere else. Starting from vast fields of lush greenery to crystal clear waterfalls, one will certainly lose himself in the immaculateness of the sceneries. Even though Iceland has innumerable treks and touring sites, one place which has won millions of hearts is the Golden Circle.

A glance at Golden Circle Iceland

Just like the name sounds, Golden Circle excursion Iceland is a trek route which connects the three most important sites of the country, including its capital- Reykjavik. The trek covers a distance of around three hundred kilometers, cutting through natural geysers, uplands, waterfalls, national parks, and so on. 

Ways To Traverse The Golden Circle Route

Now, the entire trek of the Golden Circle Iceland to Reykjavik takes around three to four hours to be completed. You can either start the journey as a local of the nearby village with the normal scouts or you can take a private guided coach and embark on a personal tour. Either way, you are going to need to rent a car for covering the entire three hundred kilometers of the journey. 

Best scenic attractions of Golden Circle

Golden Circle is said to be the golden route of Iceland and it has its reason for being called so. The three main attractions that you will be visiting on this trail are:

  • Thingvellir national park: being a UNESCO protected national park, it is one of the famous spots from where you can revel in the majestic beauty of this Nordic country. There is a spot, called as the Deep Valley where you can see the Mid-Atlantic ridge out in the open. Pingvallavatn is another place you can visit because it is Iceland’s largest lake. Another impeccable view comes from the thundering waterfall of Oxararfoss. 
  • The geothermal geysers: next comes the geothermal region, which sits atop the volcanic fields of the earth’s crust. The geysers are located in the Haukadalur valley, a place which will provide you with some stunning volcanic sceneries. The two main geysers are the Great Geysir and the Strokkur Geysir. Amongst these two, only the Strokkur Geysir is active and it sprouts hot water and steam almost every ten minutes. 
  • Gullfoss waterfall: Gullfoss waterfall is one of the most marvelous sceneries in the entire country, thanks to the thirty-two meter height and the far distance view of the Langjokull sheet of ice. 

Apart from these three places, other Golden Circle sights Iceland that you can visit are the Fontana geothermal baths, Solheimar acovillage, Thjorsardalur valley, Haifoss waterfall, Skalholt village, and so on. 

Take a bite of these Golden Circle’s deliciousness

Visiting Iceland’s most famous trail route and not experiencing the delicacies of the valleys and uplands would be a disastrous tour experience. So, here are some of the places that you must visit during your Golden Circle trip.

  • Lindin- Famous for Icelandic chocolates
  • Kaffi Krus- Perfect stop for warm Italian dishes
  • Efstidalur- The place for having farm meals
  • Skyrgerdin- The best traditional Icelandic yogurt stall

Final words

Golden Circle will certainly provide you with a remarkable experience- a time on which you can dote without any regret. So, if you haven’t planned the tour yet, start doing it at the earliest! specially Golden Circle Private Tour, After all, you got to admire the beauty that Iceland has stored in for you. 

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