Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options That Work

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Both medicals and non- medical treatment options are available to treat erectile dysfunction. It depends on several factors to pick up the best treatment option. The efficacy of a treatment option also depends on the underlying causes behind erectile dysfunction.

Any erection issue persistent for a couple of months even when a man is fully relaxed and sexually excited should be treated seriously. Diagnose is the first step towards an effective treatment option. All treatment options will not have the same time bound effectively. Some are faster, some fast and some take time to give results. The faster is using medicine like Kamagra oral jelly 100 mg to get an instant erection. You need a few precautions for an effective result. 

Treatment options 

In addition to medicines which bring faster result within 15 minutes, you also have non-medication options. The best non- medication option which is as effective in overcoming erectile dysfunction as fast as medicine is a vacuum tube.

Vacuum tube creates a vacuum inside to relax a penis. The penis is inserted into the hollow tube to relax it. When air it pushed out through the pumps, a vacuum is created inside the tube. This vacuum dilates blood vessels of the penis and pulls blood into the penis. The rush of blood into the penis makes it erect. The band is put on the base of the penis to sustain the erection until completion of the sexual intercourse. 

Kegel exercises 

Kegel exercise takes time to show the result. The main idea is to strengthen the kegel muscles and pushes blood into the area of the penis. Kegel exercise can prove effective in lower to moderate cases of erectile dysfunction. 

Kegel exercises involve pulling and relaxing the kegel muscles of the pelvic area. The best method is to trying to lift the penis when it is in a flaccid state. The muscles that you will involve in the use of lifting the penis are kegel muscles. Practice this couple of times and relax to get the results. 

Using herbs 

Use herbs in powder or tablet form with breakfast every day with milk. Some herbs are recommended to be used with the milk for best results. Herbs increase sexual energy, level of libido, testosterone level and open up energy channels for better circulation of blood and energy. You will less fatigue, more relaxed and energetic with herbs use.  

Full body massage with oils extracted from herbs 

Some emotional and fatigue issues are best removed by a full body massage under soothing ambience. You can use essential oils to energize your mood. Massage removes toxins from your body, relaxes tense muscles and promote better blood circulation. Get the message with the partner to increase intimacy and communication level. A couple of sessions may be needed to get the desired result.

Essential oils 

Your favourite essential oil fragrant lifts your mood and makes it easy for you to get engaged in sexual intercourse. This solution is for those who are having low mood or feeling emotionally drained. Select your essential oil, using it with a carrier and create a right ambience for an intimate session. Create special time for love with your partner. Here, you can use a lower dose of any medicines like Levitra 40 mg online for a hard erection. It is for those who face a higher degree of erectile dysfunction and do not want to use a higher ED medicine dose for fear of side- effects. 

Understand the duration of ED medicines 

To get the best results from using the medicine, you need to take some precautions.  Know the impact duration of medicines. Cialis 20 mg Online has a long duration of 36 hours. Never use it when you are using medicines in next 24 hours. Keep it best for a weekend. 

Duration of generic medicines depends on their chemical. Fildena 100mg Pills with sildenafil has same duration of 5 hours like a Viagra dose. Take doses as per your need and lifestyle. 

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