Dragon Ball Z: Worst Moments from the Series!

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The reappearance of Sab Jacket has reawakened the love for Dragon Ball Z; all those moments you enjoyed watching this epic show must have recalled in your mind. However, there were some moments from the show which were worst. It is difficult to find flaws in something you have loved, but sometimes things make you hate themselves so much that you can’t deal with the hatred. The same happened with Dragon Ball Z, while there were moments which have blown us away from our feet like Vegeta’s transformation, Piccolo’s sacrifice (crying was more involved in this more than getting blown away), and many more.

Many scenes from the show, some from the anime or some fillers, left us speechless with the disappointment. Sometimes it was the decision that a character made or the tasks they have done were the worst that still they have the bitter taste in our minds. Well, you must have read all about the loved moments from the Dragon Ball Z. Here are the things we all collectively hate about this show.


Goku is the protagonist of this series; he was always expected to do the right thing. Even his innocence and mistakes were taken as the humorous element of the show. Though not every dull-witted decision can be considered cute or funny, Mistakes are mistakes, especially. For instance, the decision about Vegeta’s life was completely wrong; it is better to say that some other Saiyan should’ve fought with him.

Letting Vegeta live is wrong on so many incomprehensible levels that you can’t even imagine. You can say that he became one of his strongest friends later on; that is true but not justifiable for leaving that hysteric antagonist. Goku had a problem deciding to kill his nemesis; he has always left them undead out of mercy. As a Saiyan, kindness is something Goku should never consider while fighting.

It is acceptable to forgive someone who has less bad motives but leaving someone whose goal was to wipe out humanity with his multiplied power was just moronic. Watching Goku leaving this homicide Saiyan leaving just because he wanted to fight with him again was just too much for every one of us. Nice Goku hangin’ the whole humanity on the edge of a sword for just another fight. Very nice.


The Manga never dragged any fight scene; in fact, nothing was elongated in the Manga. Though the series is guilty of this crime and fillers, it has dragged so many scenes. Especially the fight scenes with tons of flashbacks, even if they were for increasing the passion of fight, it was unbearable to watch them.

Using fillers to drag some scenes is not wrong. Still, the longest background reminiscence with every freaking fight and taking a scene of single or double episodes, but multiple episodes for a one fight scene were just buffoonish. Even as a kid, when he had nothing to do, these scenes bored us to the core. This shouldn’t be done in every fight scene.


Watching everyone transforming was difficult to manage; whenever a Saiyan was fighting, he faced some transformation. Why? Dragon Ball Z, why? It was so much to handle all at once. For instance, we all loved when Goku’s spiked hair turned blonde during his fights; it made him different from other Saiyan, which he should be. As a protagonist, but no, that’s not it. 

This doesn’t end with the protagonist only; every Saiyan has their transformations; their effectiveness doesn’t even matter. Sadly, the transformations seemed like something forced on every Saiyan, not all, though. Such as Vegeta’s transformation into an ape was something we all live for; others were absurd!


Seeing a future Saiyan in high school was worse than we imagined. Sending Gohan to the high school was the most useless filler in the whole series. To make it more cringe-worthy, they legit gave him a date. A DATE! No! This was the last thing we wanted to see, don’t know what got into the minds making this filler.

His classmate blackmailed him into taking her on a date; otherwise, she would reveal the truth about Goku being Saiyan. Though his date, Angela, was just the most annoying person ever, and thankfully it didn’t work out well for both of them. She disbelieved about Goku cheating on her with another girl named Videl. Luckily, Angela dumped Goku, and he married Videl out of nowhere and had a kid with her.

Well, these were the moments that turned off the vibe of many fans, every time opting for any DBZ costume, even Goku Sab Jacket, recalls all these moments. It will take time to get over these worst moments, but they’ll be better.

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