Creating designs with DesignCap (A versatile online tool)

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“Sit at the door of your house and you will see the corpse of your enemy go by.” The Arabic proverb that my grandmother used to repeat continually popped into my head while testing DesignCap. Adobe systematically ignored Linux users for years. But now, thanks to the cloud, tools are appearing that work from the browser and make us not need the software of this company.

Creating designs with DesignCap

DesignCap is a tool that, by combining texts, photos, and graphics, allows us to create various documents such as:

  • Infographics.
  • Data graphs.
  • Poster.
  • Frills.
  • Brochures
  • Logos.
  • Art and ads for social networks.
  • Reports
  • Resume

How to use DesignCap to do a design?

The way to create documents is very easy. It is based on drag and drop.
First, you can select a template by category or a document of one of the preselected sizes. You can also customize the size.

The DesignCap home screen allows us to choose a template or a document size.

Once we select a template or document, we go to the design window. On the left, we have seven categories of accessories. These are:

Elements: Includes arrows, geometric figures, comic balloons, and the like.
Photos: Includes royalty-free images in different categories.
Graphics: This category is really cool. Includes the main types of graphs. Data is entered as you would in a spreadsheet. It also has a map editor that allows you to edit regions.
Upload: Here, you can upload your images in png or jpg format.
Text: We have different predesigned text templates, and we can also change the font, color, and alignment.
Modules: In this section, there are more elaborate graphics; icons for social media, parts for infographics, and diagrams.
Backgrounds: We can select a background for the document between spot colors, gradients, and textures.

The created document can be downloaded in 4 sizes and in png, jpg, and pdf formats. You can also share a link on social media.

My opinion

If I were to write the slogan for DesignCap, it would be “What you need, at the price you need.” The most expensive subscription is almost 7 dollars below its closest competitor. Still, it manages to include everything that someone who is not a graphic designer but needs to produce this type of material on a frequent basis.

I miss the ability to resize the document once selected and a couple of template categories like newsletter or book covers. But, it is very easy to copy them from other books.

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