Corruption VS Demonetisation


Corruption the word itself means the process of decay, gives the right message why it should be removed from our nation. It is like water which finds its way to escape molding itself through anything which is kept in its path.

Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, making it an issue that adversely affects the country’s economy and credibility of central, state and local government. Even the never-ending, upcoming policies of good people had failed to demolish this virus calls corruption.

One of the greatest dangers to our country is not from outside but from inside and it is not so much from anti-social elements but from the so-called respectable people that is our political leaders, bureaucrats, and government employees.

To remove this dirt from our society, our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched a project called demonetisation on 8th November 2016 as a weapon in the war against corruption. Yes!  Initially, it was thought it could prove to be a missile and help in eradicating corruption in India. But, what was the outcome? Did it really eradicate corruption? This time also the answer remains a BIG NO!

First of all, we noticed the scheme was launched without proper planning and management. As expected, the poor and the economically the weaker section of the society emerged as the main sufferers. The ministers said can’t you face a little trouble for the sake of the betterment of the country? Oh really! Was it really for the betterment? They said it was to take away all the black money from the country. But I see black money is still rising! Leaving all the work and standing in the queue for several hours just for nothing.


Corrupt people used multiple bank accounts in other people’s name. They redistributed their money in small parts, bought gold and converted local currency into foreign currency.

I believe instead of eradicating corruption it gave a new way to it. Instead of abolishing corruption people started finding new ideas and techniques to overcome the situation. It was reported that around 2 Lakh INR fake currency was deposited to the banks.

I would also like to throw the light to the point did anyone find the rich and famous class of our Indian society to stand in the queue? How did they exchange their old money? Yes!  They got their money exchanged by breaking the laws and using the corrupt means and practices. Either they bribed poor to stand on the line in their place or they contacted their friends and relatives who worked in the banks. In this way, the black money converted into white without any problem.

Even if the government says that the process was highly supervised and done without the knowledge of almost all the officials then why is it that we find that the signature of the new RBI governor was present in the new currency if the printing of the notes had already started 5 months prior to the appointment of the new governor?  Why was it that most of the higher officials started to withdraw their huge sum of money from the bank from the day the so-called hidden process i.e. demonetisation had started to frame? There are many questions which are yet to be revealed but this surely implies that the scheme was of not a transparent one.

In addition to all the corrupt means practiced, all the hustle and bustle, we can’t deny the fact that a huge sum of money was expended on account of the cost of printing new currency and all the post managing logistics whose amount was totaled to be 30k crore. One more fault was that the supply of new currency was much less than the huge demand. Also many people especially the poor didn’t have an excess to any bank accounts. Imagine the chaos and trouble created for them.

Though I don’t fully deny that there was nothing positive about the act but according to the all logistic and statistical analysis one would definitely conclude that it was a fail. The government could have improved to sustain the momentum keeping in mind the immense population of the country.

Unfortunately, the scheme turned out to be a failure.

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