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top 3 wallpaper apps

3 Cool Wallpaper Android Apps

Wallpapers are like makeup for your phone screens. Sometimes, they can even effect your mood. A good wallpaper can elevate your mood the second you

Vero – The Anti-Facebook Social Network

Well-o-well, we never thought we would see something like this; something that would have the ability to challenge the GIANT of social media viz. Facebook.

Qwant feature image

Qwant – Google for Music

What is Qwant? Okay, so, all the music freaks/music fans/everybody who listen to songs, you’re gonna love what I’m gonna tell you now. You know

featureimage #deletefacebook

“It is time” #deletefacebook

Yet another person who has worked with the social media giant Facebook is telling its users to delete their accounts from it. Above words were

Cameo on Elon Musk

Cameo on Elon Musk, SXSW and SpaceX

This Saturday, Elon Musk joined the cast of TV Series Westworld at ongoing SXSW in Austin, Texas, United States. South by Southwest (SXSW) is an

google assistant commands for everyone feature image

Google Assistant commands for everyone

Google Assistant was launched last year in 2017. It initially was rolled over only for Google Pixel Handsets. Then in the first quarter of 2017 


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