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E-commerce business in India

WHAT IS E-COMMERCE ? E-commerce in India is reaching new heights with many startups in this field. According to the reposts, India has the fastest

Global Warming A Global Threat

Global Warming A Global Threat

Global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the earth’s temperature, especially a sustained change sufficient to cause climate change. The average facade

Interesting Facts About Humans

Interesting Facts About Humans

When we evolved out of the monkeys, we were not alone. Homo Sapiens drove fellow family members-homo erectus, homo rudolfensis, homo neanderthalensis- extinct. It began

How have comics influenced us

How Have Comics Influenced Us?

“I as a kid was inspired by the superheroes. It was through them I realized that it is our responsibility to save the world”. –Elon Musk.


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