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Autism – A Neurobehavioral Disorder

The conventional spectrum of human development can be seen in activities like proper growth, adaptation and various other developmental events in life. Generally, 8 out


E-commerce business in India

WHAT IS E-COMMERCE ? E-commerce in India is reaching new heights with many startups in this field. According to the reposts, India has the fastest

Food Technology And Its Benefits

Food Technology And Its Benefits

As long as there are human beings on this earth, the food business will never go out of business. The food industry is on a

Types of Smartphone Cameras

Types of Smartphone Cameras

The craze of the dual-camera smartphone has been rise for a couple of years. The dual cameras have become almost a mandatory feature on several

What is literature?

What is literature?

According to Rene Wellek and Austin Warren, it is not possible to give a single definition of literature. While, it’s generally known that what literature


National Talent Search Examination (NTSE):

National Talent Search Examination widely known as NTSE is one of the most prominent national level scholarship exam conducted by National Council of Educational Research

Analysing the education system in India

Analysing Education System In India

Education is a learning knowledge, where an individual finds out about different parts of life, comprehends the alternate points of view and attempts to apply

Defy all odds, make it happen!

Defy all odds, make it happen!

The much-touted epics of AMAZON, APPLE, GOOGLE and TESLA starting from mere scratch to an untouched height is undoubtedly worth a billion dreams to each


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