Can braiding hair permanently change the texture and “ruin” the curls?

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Braid your natural hair and achieve the voluminous heatless hairstyle

Braiding hair is a suitable styling method without causing minimum damage to your hair. It is often considered as one of the protective styles for hair growth. After braiding hair, you can loosen it because it is not going to stick on your hair permanently. But, remember to be gentle while undoing the braids because it might ruin your hair. Braiding shouldn’t be a big problem unless your hair is dyed, bleached, or colored. Do not braid too tight because it might pull out your hair and lead to hair breakage.

Can braiding ruin kinky curly braids?

Take a gaze at these glorious twist kinky curly braids

  • To prevent damage to your kinky curls or any hair in general, it is vital to not straight away braid hair.
  • Even though braiding hair does not necessarily cause much damage, it is always good to stay on the safer side. Here are some of the tips on how to prevent hair breakage.
  • Tip number one-Blow-dry your hair if it’s wet before braiding because wet hair is fragile and can easily break.
  • Tip number two- Comb your hair before you start to braid to prevent tangles.
  • Tip number three- Don’t comb through your hair or allow your stylist, especially if it is curly with a rat tail comb. That’s because the small compact brush can make hair get stuck and cause hair to get stuck. It is okay if you part your hair but do not comb at all.
  • Tip number four- Hold the braids while your stylist is braiding your hair to prevent tension from pulling your hair and preventing headaches after the weave hair process. This way, most importantly, it prevents hair breakage.
  • Tip number five- Moisturize and deep condition hair before you get any braids in. This rule applies especially if you are wearing tight box braids that require lots of hair tugging.
  • Tip number six- Make sure your braids are not too tight, because it gives too much tension to your scalp and makes hair fall.
  • Tip number seven- when you are integrating weaves or doing weaves, your natural hair is tucked in to create braids. Now you need to know the exact size of braids to avoid pressure and make sure there is enough hair to go with the braids to support.
  • Tip number eight – watch your edges, because they are sensitive compared to other parts of your hair. Edges cannot handle and carry much weight, and hair tends to get thinner if you wear them on the same spot. Hair texture and quality can change over the years so you need to understand your hair as you age. The same style you wore in your 20s may not be suitable for you in your 40s. So know your hair well and see what kinds of braids suit you to avoid hair damage.

Can braid damage curly hair?

Braiding is one of the versatile and protective hairstyles

Braiding is one of the versatile and protective hairstyles, especially for curly hair. Braids are great to set your hair for any occasion and can be styled in many gorgeous curly hairstyles as you desire. You will love styling your curly hair because it doesn’t damage your curls.
Braiding is better than using heating tools because it can burn your ends. Securing braids overnight brings beautiful beach waves without any effort or time spent. Braiding your curly hair will make your hair grow faster with a stable structure. Apart from that, braiding can also reduce the number of times your hair will require brushing, which is often caused by breakage and hair loss.

Remember to remove the braid in the morning.

If you do not want to damage your hair by braiding, make sure to remove the braid the next morning. After 6 to 8 hours, take off the hair tie, and carefully undo the braid. With that, you achieve gorgeous loose waves on the ends of your hair, giving you a curled hairstyle. It helps grow your hair faster than you think. Just make sure to be gentle at the roots of the follicle and will be irritated at times. Do not secure it too tight otherwise: your hair will start breaking off. Since braiding is not permanent, it would not damage your hair either, so avoid keeping your braids for a more extended period.

Does braiding weave damage hair?

Weave braided hairstyle for an everyday look

No, braiding doesn’t damage your weave hair. It can temporarily change the weave pattern when you remove the braids. But it does not damage your weave permanently. As per the experts, braiding hair is more preferred than heating tools to achieve curls or waves. The only thing you have to worry about is whether or not your braids are too tight. If it is tightly braided, then your hair will start breaking off.
I would even prefer braids because it is an easy way to create a Beachy style. Whether braids are large or small, tight or loose, other longer hairstyles will benefit from this heat-free method.

Braiding weave hair doesn’t ruin its texture because your hair will resume back to its original texture. However, keeping your hair in braids for several months can cause brittleness, dryness, and breakage.
What are the ways to prevent hair damage from braiding?

1. Avoid keeping braids in for too long

Braids should be kept in for not more than 6-7 weeks at a time. If your hair is braided, make sure to re-do the outer part of your hair (the part that closes to your edges) once every two weeks to minimize hair damage. The outer part of your hair is the most fragile and vulnerable to more breakage.

2. Washing your braids

Remember to wash your hair after braiding because it can cause dirt. While washing your hair, make sure to use sulfate and silicone-free shampoo and gently apply it on your scalp. This way, you will be back to the same normal hair texture.

3. Forgetting the fact that your real hair is underneath

You can always choose a variety of braided hairstyles as per your choice. Be cautious enough not to let your natural hair get damage while braiding. Don’t tie it too tight. Keep it simple and loose. Choose the right hair braided styles to avoid damaging to natural hair. Remember that your real hair comes first, and it should be protected.

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