Can A Multi Service App Based Business Be Profitable During The Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic?

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Summary: Start a profitable on demand multi services app based business during the CoVid-19 novel corona virus outbreak. Find out more information on how you can begin your business. 

The year 2020 has bestowed numerous atrocities on us. Wildfires across the globe, polar ice caps melting and finally, the deadliest of all, the Covid-19 novel corona virus outbreak. The way this tiny pathogen has affected our lives is the stuff straight out of a thriller fiction movie. Countries like China, Russia, USA and India are continuously trying to build a vaccine to redeem the global population. When we watch these things in series like ‘The Last Ship’ or movies like ‘Contagion’, it seems distant and impossible. But today, with this threat looming on our heads, it is not just our health and survival that we are worried about. Our economy on a worldwide level is threatened. Businesses are buckling under pressure and people are left to wonder what could possibly be a profitable business solution during testing times such as this. Well, the most sensible and profitable business these days seems to be that of gojek clone app multi services app based on demand business. 

Multi what??

For people who haven’t had enough exposure in any other kind of business than their own core competency and are looking to start something new, multi service based apps are the best solution. These are essentially mobile apps that make services available as products. 

This means that when a customer is looking to hire a service provider for any kind of task, they can simply open the app and find them. The app also allow them to hire these service providers based on the information available on the app such as their expertise, experience, pricing and reviews of other customers who have hired these service providers. 

In times such as this when people are forced to remain indoors, having an app that can make services available at their doorstep is very important. So long as there are people living in houses, they will need to buy food, get groceries, hire an electrician sometimes or even a plumber, get a tutor for their children, hire a doctor or buy medicines. 

A Gojek Clone App multi service on demand mobile app ensures that your customer can do all of this. Let us try to understand how the app works. 

The Flow of the App

The user and the service provider both download the app. Even stores (like bakeries, pharmacies, grocery stores, bottled water, alcohol shops, etc.) and restaurants can download this app. The next step is registration. To register people can use their Facebook or Gmail accounts. Alternatively, they may also fill out a short form to get their entries registered. Post this; the app enables the users to create their profile. Service providers can fill in details such as their expertise, experience etc. while users can fill out their address and so on. Restaurants and stores can fill in the menu items or items that they want to list for sale on the app. 

After this, whenever the user wishes to hire any service provider or buy anything, they open the app and click on whatever service they want. Next they can find a list of service providers along with their details offering services in the area closest to them. In case of stores, they will see a list of all the stores and restaurants.

The user can click on the service provider that they want to hire. The service provider will be notified of this request. After this, on confirmation, the service provider will reach the designated address to offer their services. In case of stores, the user can add the items that they want to buy to their cart. On confirmation of the order, a delivery driver is dispatched with the order to the doorstep of the customer. 

Once the products or services are delivered, the app automatically facilitates payment (either via online payment using credit cards or via cash as per the customer’s convenience) and then all the parties involved are free to rate each other based on their experience. 

White Label On Demand Multi Service Apps

If you are wondering how you can start off with this business, the first step is to buy a functional app from a reliable white label on demand mobile app development company with at least 6 to 8 years of experience in this field. 

Once you find such a company, you must ask to take a free trial of the app before hand. Ensure that you don’t end up spending money on an app that you are not thoroughly acquainted with. Once you try the app and place your order, the white label on demand mobile app Development Company should be able to re skin your app with your logo and brand name and launch it for you in the Google play store and the iOS App store. 

This is one of the easiest ways to kick start a profitable on demand multi services app based business during the Covid-19 novel corona virus outbreak.

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