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Searching for the best WooCommerce plugins for your store? 

The best part about making an online store using WooCommerce plug-ins. It enables you to add new functionality to your store and grow your business. 

There are huge amounts of free and premium plugins you can utilize, however not every one of them are acceptable. How do you find the best WooCommerce plugins for your e-commerce business? 

In this article, we chose some of the best WooCommerce plug-ins for your store to increase your sales and grow your business. 

Once you’ve said this, let’s take a look at the best WooCommerce plugins for WordPress. 


TrustPulse is the best FOMO and social evidence notifications app that helps you launch conversions and sales. 

People like it when they see other people making the same choices before they make their own decisions. Add social evidence, let them see it right there on your website and complete your purchases. 

TrustPulse makes this crazy easier. You can set up any website (no coding required) and customize your badges to suit store colors. 

You can intelligently target the pages or products you want to run a campaign to and add ready-made notifications that show how many people have taken action over a given period. For best results, publish multiple campaigns targeting customers viewing different products or pages. 

You’ll also get a complete user-performed process flow and detailed analysis reports to help you optimize your campaigns. 


OptinMonster is the most powerful conversion optimization software on the market. The abandoned website helps you convert visitors to subscribers and customers. 

You can use it on your e-Commerce website to reduce leaving the cart, increase sales conversion, expand your email list, show targeted website posts, retarget and more. 

If you’re serious about growing your email list and increasing sales, you need this conversion optimization toolkit. 


MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WooCommerce stores to show actual analytics. It comes with advanced e-Commerce tracking that lets you easily track ecommerce data in Google Analytics reports. 

Many beginners find it difficult to understand Google Analytics reports. MonsterInsights makes it easy by showing you all the information you need on your WordPress dashboard. This helps you make solid decisions to grow your business and increase your revenues. 

You can utilize it to find your most important products and improve product pages. You can also track WooCommerce customers in Google Analytics and create a more personal experience for your users. 

Constant Contact 

Continuous Communication is the best email marketing service for e-commerce businesses. At the same time, this most beginner-friendly product lets you easily add it to your store and start creating your email list. 

It comes with many professionally designed email templates for many niches. You can also create multiple lists and create custom funnels to send personal emails to selected audiences. 


On average, did you know that more than 67% of customers left their cars before completing a purchase? Because customers want to answer their questions instantly. 

LiveChat is the best live chat support software for your online store to attract your customers. WooCommerce lets you easily add live chat to your store and respond to user queries instantly. 

Allows you to convert users to customers before leaving their cars. LiveChat works with Google Analytics, the best email marketing, CRM software, and more. 

YITH WooCommerce Wish List 

The YITH WooCommerce wish list add-in allows your customers to save products to the wish list. They can use the wish list to buy later or share the wish list with friends and family. 

This is the perfect add-on for your online store during peak shopping periods when people prepare their shopping lists and buy gifts. 

WooCommerce Multilingual 

Non-English WordPress websites surpassed English WordPress websites in 2014. Since then, WooCommerce stores have been created in languages other than English. WooCommerce Multilingual adds compatibility layer with the popular WPML WordPress multilingual plug-in. 

This allows you to translate your product and other WooCommerce pages into multiple languages. Your customers can choose their preferred language for a specific product. 

WooCommerce Products Slider 

WooCommerce Products Slider allows you to easily create beautiful product’s sliders and add them anywhere else in your WooCommerce store. 


RafflePress woocommerce is the best contest and gift add-on for stores. It allows you to expand your email list, get more website traffic, and social media followers with viral contests and gifts. 

Your users can participate in the gift by performing social actions such as tweeting, video tracking, following a social media profile, and more. All popular social media platforms are taking actions for CRMS and more. 

For best results, it includes preventing verified social actions and fraud. This ensures that your viral campaign provides real interaction and growth in your business. 

WooCommerce Customizer 

WooCommerce Customizeroffers an easy user interface to use built-in WooCommerce filters. These filters allow you to customize button text, labels, fields, and more. 

Normally, you must type PHP code to use these filters. With woocommerce customizer, you can easily use these filters from a simple settings page (no encoding required). 

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