Best water purifiers under 15,000

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It is secure to say that water, one of the basic necessities for a living, is most troubled by pollution due to its solvent nature. The harmful water is responsible for the transmission of diseases like polio, typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, and hepatitis, etc.

Thanks to these water filters offices and homes get clean drinking water. If you are looking for the best water purifier under 15,000 then this article will help you a lot. The advanced technologies such as UV, UF, and RO water purification made it possible for us to choose from a wide range of best water purifiers. If you are about to purchase a water purifier filter for the first time and know nothing about these machineries, have a look here and then decide which is the best water purifier under 15,000 for you.

List of bet water purifiers under 15,000

[1] Pure it Copper + RO

The water purification section has evolved During the last few years offering different health benefits along with just purified water. One such innovation is Hindustan Unilever’s pure it copper+ RO water purifier. This purifier offers advanced 7-stage RO+MF+UV purification combined with the kindness of copper-infused water. Drinking copper water has multiple gains and has been recommended in Ayurveda since ancient times. RO gives you copper changed water instantly and incorrect amount with its different copper charge automation. The correct amount of copper dosing ensures you get all the health gain of copper water. The water purifier has an intelligent copper auto-cleaning future, which adds a hassle-free and convenient experience without worrying about maintaining and cleaning of copper vessels.

  •     Specifications

Ø Capacity up to 8L

Ø Purifying machinery – 7-stage purification

Ø Purification tank – 28l per hour

Ø Structure for plastic parts – non-toxic, food safe

Ø Electrical sort – storage and electrical

Ø Height – 447mm

Ø Width – 350mm

Ø Depth- 447mm

Ø Weight – 9.5 kg

  •     Pros

Ø Various design

Ø Brilliant system for copper

Ø Auto cleaning

Ø Different copper charge

  •     Cons

Ø Lightly expensive

[2] Blue star Aristo RO+UV 7L water purifier

The brand name, the blue star is all set to give a solid competition with Aristo RO+UV 7L water purifier. New and Compact water purifier with 6 stages of purification including a pre sediment filter, post activated carbon filters and pre, RO membrane, UV lamp, and the aqua booster to give a natural and sweet taste of drinking water is our first preferred. Additionally, the child lock option helps prevent water wastage by locking the tap. The purifier is available in 2 colors such as white and black and you can select according to you your kitchen. Because of all brilliant features, it’s one of the best water purifiers. It requires maintenance like the best water purifier. It won’t work at low pressure, so make sure if you have that system.

  •     Specifications

Ø Capacity up to 6L

Ø Electrical system – storage and electrical

Ø Height – 46 cm

Ø Width – 42 cm

Ø Depth – 16.5 cm

Ø Weight – 11.25 kgs

Ø Installation – free install and wall-mounted

Ø Capacity tank – ABS

Ø Purification storage – 285L per day

  •     Pros

Ø Child lock function

Ø UV fail

Ø Low pressure alarm

Ø Capacity of 12L per hour

  •     Cons

Ø Maintenance required

Ø Do not work on low pressure

Ø No filter changes

[3] Pureit Eco Water Saver

RO water purifier is one of the most selected purification machinery to remove chemicals, unwanted impurities, and most importantly the dissolved salts from your drinking water. It comes with various benefits; it is known to waste a big amount of water during purification. This trouble of water storage, pureit has now launched pureit eco water saver RO water purifier this has been consciously designing to give you the Highest water saver compared to most of the RO water purifiers free in the market. With its different Eco recovery machinery, pureit eco water saver RO saves up to 80 glasses of water each day. Power of saving up to 29,200 glasses in a year. It improved rate of 60% compared to the average improvement rate of about 25% in the other RO purifiers. It has 7 stages of RO+UV+MF purification that 100% guarantee safe water as it removes bacteria, heavy metals, viruses’ pesticides, chemicals, etc. it also enhances the water condition by adding back essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium in purified water.

  •     Specifications

Ø Capacity up to 10L

Ø Purifying system – 7-stage purification

Ø Water capacity – 24L per hour

Ø Type – non-toxic, food safe

Ø Electrical system – storage and electrical

Ø Height – 485mm

Ø Width – 360mm

Ø Weight – 8.3kg

Ø Depth- 253mm

  •     Sins

Ø Save up to 80 glasses

Ø Capacity 10L

Ø Highest water saving

Ø Advanced filter

Ø Filter change alarm

  •     Cons

Ø Don’t form a part of the warranty

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