AWS training in Bangalore

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AWS Certification Cost in India
AWS Training in Bangalore
Nowadays, AWS certification has become the buzz word in the corporate world and there is a valid reason behind it. The tern AWS stands for the Amazon web service and refers to the hosting services. Today, more than 80% of the companies across the globe are using cloud hosting for their data-driven infrastructures. This number alone is enough to prove how big hit AWS is.

The Amazon believes in maintaining the very same fees structure for the AWS certifications all over the world. As it will not only maintain the transparency but also help students to feel the sense of equality. Throughout the following post, you will learn how much AWS certifications cost in India

Note down: As the AWS fees structure is defined in USD, we have converted them to INR to make it easier to understand. Moreover, the mentioned cost can be different from the actual cost due to the rise and fall in the value of the dollar.

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What is the AWS certification cost structure in India?
According to the official website of the Amazon, the cloud practitioner will cost you around 100 USD while associate level exams and professional level certification exams will respectively cost 150 and 300 USD. As we are talking about the cost in India, it will roughly cost 6888 INR for AWS cloud practitioner, 10330 for AWS associate exam and 20700 for the AWS Professional level exam.

Cost and other factors related to AWS certification in India
The AWS certification is divided into three major categories:

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