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How To Control Anger

How to Control Your Anger

We all get angry at some point in life actually most of the time if you consider my case. I get angry frequently. You may

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

Top cancer affecting women in the developed and developing world is breast cancer.  Previously, cervical cancer was the most common cancer among women. However, breast

Hacks To Hit On a Healthy Lifestyle

Hacks To Hit On a Healthy Lifestyle

Life has become way too hectic and stressful and people are overlooking their health and food habits. Good and healthy food habit helps in the

Travelling Is Like Medicine

Travelling is Like Medicine

“To travel is to live.” The quote clearly signifies that to travel is to explore a new way of living you have never been. Whether

fashion game of point

Fashion – Game Of Point

Okay so excited!!?? Who doesn’t gets actually.. The word fashion in itself is such a happening word that makes the younger ones from 5-6 years

Is Google Dictating Your Taste?

Your Facebook wall is curated. Google monitors your keystrokes. And, Youtube sprouts recommendations based on your search history. This is hyper-personalization at its peak. Although,

Composition Techniques in Photography

Composing a photograph before capturing it is an important part of photography. A well composed picture is sure to capture the viewer’s attention immediately while

European Privacy Laws

European privacy laws on facebook

The Facebook business model doesn’t have any area risk from the regulators in the US. In Europe, the large General data protection regulation makes the people


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