Are electric griddles popular, and if yes, why?

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There are multiple cooking appliances ranging from skillets, griddles, and air fryers, among others. But, when it comes to convenience and healthy cooking, most people prefer using electric griddles. Everyone needs a cooking appliance that will prepare nourishing foods for the family, but that is a time saver as well, right! Electric griddles are perfect for cooking for multitude and are quite fast in cooking as well.

What is an electric griddle?

An electric griddle is a cooking appliance consisting of a large flat cooking surface on top and powered by electrical power. The electric griddles are equipped with a thermostatic that enables one to control the heat level. Thus, you can prepare foods that require low, medium, and high heat levels when using the griddle. On top of that, the electric griddles are equipped with a grease drip essential for collecting the food greases dripping from the pan for an easy cleaning process.

Why are the electric griddles so popular?

Have a favorable flat surface

The majority of people prefer using electric griddles for preparing a variety of breakfast menus due to the convenience when cooking. Unlike other cooking appliances with raised edges, the electric griddles are designed with a flat cooking surface. So, maneuvering around when cooking is quite easy; you can also easily flip your foods such as eggs and pancakes from any edge when using the griddle.

Another benefit of having a flat cooking surface is the efficiency in heat distribution for even cooking of your pancakes or other foods that you prepare with it.

Provides large cooking surface

One of the reasons that most people prefer electric griddles is the convenience of cooking large servings. These appliances are, for sure, the best when cooking for large crowds. The cooking plates on the griddles are designed to cook foods to serve masses of less than four people. Also, the large flat surfaces provide a large area where you can prepare more than one food. For example, if you are making breakfast for your family, you can prepare bacon, pancakes, and eggs simultaneously.

Limits the use of much cooking oil

One of the reasons I highly recommend the use of electric griddles is the fact that they help to prepare healthy meals. Regardless of the cooking method, you opt to use, the electric griddles significantly eliminate large oil content. This is because the cooking appliances are made with non-stick coating on the cooking surfaces that prevent them from sticking on the surface when cooking.

Therefore, you don’t need to use a lot of oil to control the foods from sticking to the pan. The griddles are made with a grease drip pan, so the food’s oozing from the foods does not settle on the cooking surface. The oil immediately drips to the collecting pan as the foods cook. So, you can still prepare greasy foods like bacon and even cook healthy and oil-less food at the end.

Ensures even cooking

Again, this is attainable due to the flat surfaces of the cooking plate. The lack of curved edges on the electric griddles ensures it is good and even heat distribution on the cooking place to cook on all sides. Unlike the pans with cold parts, especially on the edges, the electric griddles heat up all around to ensure the foods get enough heat to cook all through. However, the fact that the cooking appliances are powered by electricity ensures the pan heats up well and evenly.

Convenience when cooking

The majority of the electric griddles are tabletop such that you have to place them on a counter when cooking. This means that you will only put the griddle on a cooking surface that you can reach when cooking. The best electric griddles are also made with heat-resistant materials on the outer parts, such as handles for comfort and efficiency when holding to turn your cooking foods.

Versatile in cooking

The foods that you cannot be able to cook in other barbecue cooking appliances, you can easily prepare with an electric griddle. These cooking appliances have a non-stick coating that prevents foods from sticking when preparing. The electric griddles are designed with a thermostat, so you can easily control the heat levels to steam vegetables on the appliance efficiently.

The flat surfaces provide a great space for the food to cook evenly. So, there are no barbeque foods that you cannot prepare with this appliance ranging from the burger, hot dogs, steaks, vegetables, and even breakfast meals. Besides cooking, the electric griddles are great for warming foods, thanks to the heat control modes.

They are clean

Unlike the conventional stoves that may blow up your kitchen with smoke, the electric griddles are super clean as they don’t emit any smoke when cooking. You can either use them from indoors or outdoors when cooking as this appliance does not pollute the environment.


The electric griddles are quite popular as they have multiple benefits such as convenience in cooking and are also easy to use. The fact that you can regulate the heat to different levels ensures you can easily prepare all kinds of foods that need varying heat levels. The electric griddles are made in different sizes whereby some are large to prepare foods for up to 8 servings, and others are good for small servings of around four people.

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