Advantages/Disadvantages of a Low-Profile Tyre

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There are so many types of tyres to suit every need of a driver. Performance tyres, run-flat tyres, winter tyres and so on.

But there is another type of tyre that grabs the attention, these are the low- profile tyres.

These tyres are an emerging trend in the automobile market but what does it actually mean?

A low profile tyre means those tyres whose sidewall is more shallow than the normal tyres and which needs a larger diameter wheel than a normal tyre, to fit in.

Such tyres have become popular because of the new and improvised road grip, as well as the stability that it guarantees. These tyres look more appealing than the usual ones. It is important for these tyres to fit on a wheel with a big diameter. However, Incase they are being fit on the normal wheels, it can disorganise the whole system and may even end up damaging it. These tyres do not only improve the look of your car but also give an extra grip on the road which leads to better performance and comfortable riding experience.

These Tyres Lichfield are available in many sizes to fit in any vehicle. Although they are much thinner than the other standard tyres it allows big wheels to be installed on the same wheel. The low profile tyres can be easily bought, fixed and maintained. But one should always purchase those tyres which can comply with their vehicle’s system and improve its functionality.

No doubt the low profile tyres give better grip, but they also tend to worn out much faster than the normal tyres. They get deteriorated quite easily because they are made from soft material in order to give more traction. Therefore, it is necessary to get those tyres that can easily work in your car. Sometimes the low profile tyres get damaged only due to the driver’s fault. Drifting, abruptly hitting the brakes, and not driving at a correct tyre pressure are some of the examples.

Now let us look at some advantages and disadvantages of a low- profile Tyres Penkridge.


  1. Their appearance is more attractive as compared to normal tyres. Low profile tyres add a bold and classy look to the whole look of a car.
  2. Due to some stiff sidewalls, the low profile tyres help to reduce the height of a car and give a better grip on a dry surface. Even when the speed increases, they make sure the car remains light weighted.
  3. The low profile tyres allow the driver to have better control and handing over the car, and a larger grip on the road.
  4. Low profile tyres are much more stable as compared to the normal tyres. These tyres are stiff and solid and hence, gives more stability.


  1. The patch area in low price tyres is wider than the normal tyres. This makes these tyres loud and noisy.
  2. There is not too much space between the car and the road because of the size of low profile tyres. This often gives a bumpy driving experience and craggy rides. Such experiences are vulnerable to car damage.
  3. The car steering may become stiff and hard.
  4. Low profile tyres cannot work properly on snow or wet surfaces.
  5. Low profile tyres would give a classy look to your car but sometimes it can ruin its function. The wide wheels can give unnecessary burdens on the axis and the suspension.
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