A Quick Guide To Constantine: The City Of Bridges.

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 Have you ever dreamt or imagined what it will be like to have lived in antiquity? Those times may be gone forever but you can still get the chance to see and walk through it in the ancient city of Constantine, Algeria.
Constantine is the capital of Constantine province which is located 80 kilometres from the Mediterranean coast in northeastern Algeria.
The history of this city is really interesting. It was founded by the Phoenicians in ancient times and has been conquered by the Numidians, Carthaginians, Romans and ottomans.
It was even named after the Roman emperor Constantine the Great in 313 AD. It also had trade relations with Italy in the 14th century.
With picturesque charm, ancient ruins, great weather and beautiful sites, Constantine will give you cherished memories.
So let’s explore what Constantine has to offer.

Ahmed Bey Palace.

This beautiful palace is located at Place Si Haous, Constantine. It was built in 1833 and home to king Ahmed Bey who unfortunately lived for a short time before it was overrun by the French 2 years later.
The palace is large, quiet and peaceful. This makes it an ideal place to spend a peaceful day away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
It showcases beautiful gardens, Islamic architecture, beautiful tiles, marble fountains, a pool in the courtyard of the harem and paintings of Ahmed Bey’s travels to Mecca, Medina, Cairo, Hejaz and Istanbul.

Cirta Museum.

If you are lover of history, you will love this place. It was situated in Boulevard de la liberte in the middle of downtown Constantine.
Take a look before and after your shopping spree. The museum showcases artefacts and mosaics collections from prehistoric Numidian, Roman and Ottoman civilisations.
These include a stunning marble bust of a woman also known as the beauty of Djemila, a collection of coins from the Roman era, a seated terracotta figure from the 2nd century BC and the exquisitely cast bronze sculpture of the winged victory of Constantine.
This is a great place for family visits too.

Roman City Of  Tiddis.

Antiquity lovers can experience the glory of ancient Rome in Constantine and it is located in Bni Hamden in Constantine.
Go back in time in the once-prosperous city, which dates back to 2,500 BC. It was known as the ‘City Of The Gods’ due to its large number of temples. The temples of roman gods, Saturn, Ceres, Vestal, Mithra and Baal are all found here.
Beautiful flowers blossom on the way to the ruins during spring time which makes it an exceptional sight to behold.

Monument Of The Dead.

Another fantastic place to see in this city is ‘Monuments of the dead’. It is located in Rocher  de Cidi M’Cid, Constantine.
It was built in 1918 by the French as a memorial of people of French, Algerian and Jewish descent who died during the First World War.
Take a hike up the 36 steps in the monument to see the statue of Victory, a replica of the roman statue named victory of Constantine which was discovered during excavations and kept in Cirta national museum.
The panoramic view the city, the waterfall and rocks below is breathtaking especially during sunset. Take your camera along and take pictures that will capture memories.
You can also take pictures of l’aquedue of Constantine. It’s an old roman structure situated in the centre of the city.

Constantine Theatre.

 If you are tired of walking and you want something that caters to refined tastes, look no further. You will find it in the regional theatre of Constantine. The edifice is located in 1 Rue Bournab Ali, Constantine.
The theatre is one of the treasures the city has to offer. It was modelled after the Italian opera and was opened in 1883. Its beautiful architecture and magnificent décor make it a sight to behold.
If you are a connoisseur of arts, you have a chance to experience Algerian culture in this historical monument. Visit it for an exciting experience.
So there you go folks. Take a trip to Constantine and have a memorable experience.
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