A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Demo Can Help Know How to Manage Resources Better

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of business applications, 12 of them, each designed to cater to different areas of business. Dynamics 365 Human Resources is one of those 12, designed by the software giant to help organizations empower and manage their employees better, aiming for higher productivity and better collaboration at work. The intention behind designing the application was to help organizations handle teams better, for better organizational agility, optimum utilization of programs, and discovery of workforce insights. At the heart of all this lies the transformation of employee experiences.

To know how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources can help your organization manage your human resources better, you will have to first schedule a Dynamics 365 Demo with a Microsoft Business Solutions Partner.

Given below are certain things that Dynamics 365 Human Resources can do for your business, ones you will find out more about after scheduling a Dynamics 365 Demo:

  • Create never-felt-before employee experiences

The solution empowers your employees to connect with people boasting of rich profiles that have their career accomplishments, interests, skills, and certifications. Employees get to handle their profile updates and training programs better, in addition to tracking their performance in real-time and raising time-off requests. Managers in-charge of associates will have access to the entire team performance data, which will help them address immediate concerns. Moreover, organizations will have the tools they need to train employees better.

  • Make the most out of employee programs

The solution helps companies simplify the process of reporting leaves and absence of work through competitive programs totally in compliance with FMLA and ADA. Moreover, they get to create lucrative compensation programs based on certain set guidelines and automate rollouts across all levels of the organization. The solution lets them altogether alter the concept of benefits administration, by providing flexible and configurable self-enrollment tools that facilitate benefit groups, auto-enrollment, hierarchies, and flexible credits. OPEX tracking becomes possible by integrating Dynamics 365 Human Resources with Dynamics 365 Finance. Companies are also able to deliver payroll, tax fillings, and budgets. Companies also get to improve their end-to-end recruiting experiences and identify and engage suitable candidates by adding LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

  • Companies get to make their entire organizational structure more agile

Dynamics 365 Human Resources helps companies make their organizational structures simpler, hierarchies and job descriptions being a part of them. The solution plays its role to perfection in automating workflows and processes and task management, raising overall productivity and efficiency within the organization. Human capital management features in the solution, built on Microsoft Azure, help companies assure their customers with the highest standard of security, privacy, and compliance. Dynamics 365 has an intuitive and customizable interface that enables end-users to add as well as hide fields and change the layout in addition to sharing with others. Most importantly, end-users can customize and extend Dynamics 365 Human resources with the help of Microsoft Power Platform irrespective of their technical expertise.

Summary: These are some of the many things that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources can help you accomplish with respect to human resource management, only possible once you schedule a Dynamics 365 Demo.

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