8 Things You Should Know About Chopard Watches

8 Things You Should Know About Chopard Watches

 8 Things You Should Know About Chopard Watches
A luxury watch is an accessory people enjoy wearing regularly and spend handsomely on. Chopard is a popular watch brand known for producing exquisite timepieces. A reputable online store will have a range of these watches in various models and at different prices. Before taking the plunge to invest in this watch, here are some things you should know.

Resale value

Chopard is a private held company with sales figures averaging a billion dollars annually. This is quite an impressing earning and it acknowledges the popularity of this brand. With the huge number of people looking forward to owning this luxury watch, it has a high resale value. This brand has good perceived value and the brand having a strong influence that gives the watch good resale value. If you have an emergency it is easier to resale your Chopard watch to another and gets some good money.


The prices of a Chopard watches are affordable with the option of purchasing one at a discounted price. Buying one from an authorised dealer makes this watch quire affordable compared to purchasing from a brick and mortar store. Regardless of how much you but this watch, keep in mind that it has a higher resale value. This means that you can always sell this watch to another person and get some good money regardless of how long you have used it.


People looking forward to looking stylish buy Chopard gold watches . This brand has some beautiful watches to give the wearer a unique look. The range of designs and models for Chopard watches including Happy Diamonds and Happy Sport collection come with fun and a contemporary look. Stepping out in a Chopard gold watch will give you a classic and timeless appeal to impress anyone.


When it comes to movements, Chopard watches are a force to reckon with. Some of the chronographs come with LUC Chrono One while others have LUC Calibre 96.14-L. These strike each hour while others come with complex calibers like those in the perpetual calendar and tourbillon collection. This brand prides itself in handcrafted calibres. These come with unique and hand-engraved floral finishings with raised motifs.The L.U.C collection has movement with impressive power reserves including sixty-five hours on the calibres having LUC Twin Technology. The double barrel of these movements makes the watches run longer periods with no winding down. Movement for Chopard watches is handcrafted using ancient high horology traditions.
The long-standing history of Chopard has seen development if a wide collection of watches including quartz and mechanical options. Others include gem sets, classic watches, sporty watches, and technically complicated watches. The range of watches include:
⦁ L.U.C.
⦁ La Strada
⦁ Mlle Miglia
⦁ Happy Sport
⦁ Happy Spirit
⦁ Classiques
⦁ Your Houre
⦁ Happy Diamonds
⦁ Haute HorlogerieThe Mille Miglia collection includes mechanical timepieces having a sporty style. Timepieces with a blend of sporty and precious stones in bright colors make up the Happy Sport Ladies’ collection. For men looking for sporty style chronometers and elegance, check-in the L.U.C. collection. All these timepieces are full of luxury are always re-developed to stay on top of the market.
Corporate social responsibility
Apart from exceptional products, the Chopard Company strives for excellence in all fields of life. The brand focuses on helping others apart from making high-quality timepieces. This company supports various charities including the Elton John Foundation in the fight against AIDS since 1993. Chopard launched limited edition Elton John watches to benefit the AIDS Foundation. Additionally, the company supports sick children in the Sabrina Foundation and the fight against leukemia through Jose Carrera’s Foundation
Target market
The Chopard product line focuses heavily on ladies’ watches backed by their production line of ladies jewellery. This seems like a natural thing to do. However, Chopard also makes watches for men who enjoy pampering themselves with some luxury accessories. Focusing on making ladies watches is a viable idea with women minding more about what sits on their wrists than men. It is a natural thing to produce ladies’ watches more to tap into the growing market.
Car racing inspiration
Chopard has a classic racing collection inspired by car racing. This collection is inspired by races taking place in Europe including Grand Prix de Monaco Historique and Mille Miglia. The car racing collection has three watches including:
⦁ Mille Miglia
⦁ Superfast
⦁ Grand Prix de Monaco Historique
Many of these timepieces come with a COSC certified 60-hour power reserve. This is longer than 60 hours to ensure that the watch never slows in the 59th hour. An outstanding feature on the Mille Miglia timepiece is winding the watch for the gas gauge on the left to fill up the dial.
When considering a luxury watch, Chopard is a great brand not to ignore. This company makes amazing timepieces to make anyone stand out in the crowd.

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