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It is well known that we sometimes encounter difficulties in a couple relationship. Maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship takes a lot of effort, although the beginning of your romance may have been akin to a true fairy tale. If things seem difficult to you because of your differences, it’s normal that merging two lives can be confusing.

However, if all of your actions to hold your relationship together seem tedious and overwhelming, and your relationship is no longer bringing you so much happiness, it might be time for a major change.

Your time and your emotions are precious; if you feel more frustration and pain than joy in life, you need to question it.

The outcome obviously varies from couple to couple: it may be high time to shake things up with your current partner, you probably need to communicate more, take time apart, or just decide to be on your own. New single and reunite with yourself. 

So how do you know if this is just a phase your relationship is in or if it’s time for a big change?  Take the guidance of an expert astrologer to help you steer in the correct path to find the love of your life.

The following seven signs are good tips for identifying problems in your relationship and knowing what changes need to be made. 

  1. Your instinct alerts you to abnormalities

Normally, a romantic relationship should evoke feelings of peace, satisfaction, security and happiness. If, on the contrary, you are feeling sadness, anxiety, fear or even boredom, it is clear that something needs to change. At this point, you are doing yourself more harm than good.

Do you know that heavy feeling in your stomach when something isn’t right? Low frequency feelings such as fear and anger can start deep in your body before being evident in your mind. They are generally a reliable sign to detect an anomaly in the course of things.

When your relationship starts to change for the worse, you usually know it deeply. This manifests itself in different ways:

  • you feel anxious about going home,
  • you do not enjoy spending a weekend alone,
  • you are no longer excited to see him / her …

These feelings should not be ignored, even if deep down inside you are afraid of change and you don’t want to admit to yourself that the relationship is bad. By taking into account the signals your soul is sending to you, it allows you to find the right way to reassess your situation.

  1. Maintaining a good atmosphere takes too much work.

As mentioned earlier, any good relationship takes effort and a lot of commitment. However, making an effort to maintain a healthy relationship is different from trying to stay in a relationship that is no longer healthy. In a healthy relationship, your efforts seem natural and you generally don’t mind compromising.

Usually, when you compromise in a relationship, it strengthens your relationship. These would be gestures that you do with a good heart. Normally, this can cause your partner to put in the effort out of respect for you. For a relationship that’s already going badly, any job can seem tiring and never-ending: you put in too much effort for very little results.

It causes resentment towards your partner and is a real poison for relationships. In this case, you need to act quickly to fix it, otherwise it will ruin your chances of getting close. It is also possible that you are trying to overcome a betrayal, but you cannot; in this case, it is advisable to let go and move on.

  1. Your relationship bores you

Just like resentment, boredom can kill a relationship. Quite often these two go together, because once boredom sets in in your relationship, it doesn’t take long for you to start resenting your partner. It often happens subconsciously, but you can quickly blame your partner for ruining your life.

On the one hand, you have to see life as a couple as an exchange. Don’t expect your partner to guess your thoughts and plan surprises all the time. Let her know what makes you want. It would be unfair to expect your spouse to do things he / she never knew about. In this case, you need to communicate better with your partner.

On the other hand, the more you are in a relationship the easier it is to fall into the routine, it is usually quite boring. You feel like you know everything there is to know about each other and you do the same things every day. And the daily grind can drain mentally over time.

Boredom is not to be taken lightly. Once boredom sets in, the situation can quickly deteriorate. This is usually the most common reason people get into infidelity. You can take action to shake things up from time to time. This goes for you and your partner. Each of you must make an effort to keep your life exciting.

  1. You get angry too easily

Like the majority of people, it happens in a married life that you are angry or angry with your partner. Bad moods and some annoyances can be involved. On the other hand, it is not normal for this to happen every day. If your partner gives you anger and frustration too often, something definitely needs to change.

Sometimes you have to take the initiative and do some soul-searching to find out if your partner is really involved or if the problem stems from your dissatisfaction with a situation such as stress at work, financial problems … problem is in you, you may want to consider doing activities to relax and meditate.

It is possible that the source of the problem really lies with your partner. You need to identify the annoying subject (s) and have a calm and civilized conversation with him / her; he / she may not have fulfilled his / her responsibilities. If he / she doesn’t seem able or willing to change, don’t force it, there’s no point in staying longer in a relationship that isn’t right for you anymore.

  1. You have a one-sided relationshi

Logically, a relationship between two people involves work and effort on the part of both at the same time. If you are still the only one to take the first step or initiate the dialogue, the relationship is clearly unbalanced. Hurry to rebalance things, set limits. It turns out that your partner has to put in the same effort as you do for a relationship to work.

If your partner is always too busy or too tired to spend time with you, it’s never a good sign. We recognize that life is not always easy, but taking the trouble to break free for your lover is important. This is how you show each other that you think about each other and that you love being together.

Plus, in a healthy relationship, everyone is able to compromise. If you are up for accompanying them to events and activities that you do not necessarily enjoy, your partner should also find the means, in order to make you happy.

If your partner doesn’t seem to want to make an effort to balance the sacrifices within your relationship, there’s no point in struggling and waiting for the situation to change on its own. When you decide it’s not for you, what’s the point in continuing down this path? It’s best to let her know how you feel, or failing that, end the relationship once and for all.

  1. You feel suffocated

Just as some relationships fail because of inattention, in other cases, they can fail because of excess attention. Being in a relationship with someone who is too intrusive can quickly make you feel uncomfortable instead of bringing you security and happiness.

It’s all well and good when he / she constantly thinks of you and covers you with attentions, but respecting your personal time and your privacy is important because you have the right to it and you need it in order to flourish. Friends, family, leisure activities…, they are all essential so that you do not feel isolated or locked away.

This way, your partner is not supposed to make you feel guilty for wanting to do activities without him. If yours does, this is a major red flag indicating their feeling of insecurity and their need for control. It’s imperative that you have an open-hearted conversation or begin to question the viability of your relationship.

  1. Your intimate relationships no longer give you pleasure

Unless you’ve decided to abstain together, sex is important in a healthy relationship. Intimacy brings people together and creates a strong bond between the two people. Lack of intimacy in a relationship can make you believe that your partner no longer loves you, finds you less attractive, or is interested in someone else.

In addition, this experience must be pleasant and stress free. In the event that it becomes continually uncomfortable, agonizing, or boring, there is concern. Although you may not seem to notice any abnormalities in your relationship, the discomfort can be felt by your body and this makes your partner sexually unpleasant.

Either way, you need to talk to your partner to find new ways to make your intimate life more interesting. Think about things together that you would like to try and be very clear about what you don’t want to do. Experiment together and have fun!

If you have doubts, but want to stay with your partner, consider seeing a romantic psychic. They can guide you to look deep inside and see what is the best option for you. Their insight and sixth sense can point you in the right direction.

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