7 Essential Pages Your WordPress Website Must Have!

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Right here, right now, I would like you to stop and think for a moment.

Think of a situation where you are planning to have your own WordPress site.

Different tasks such as the one to hire a WordPress developer accompanied by the ideation of different pages such as About page, Contact page has already been done.

How does it feel now?

It sounds a little too mainstream!
Don’t you think you should spice up with more new and innovative pages?

In this article, you’ll come across a list of a few pages that you can include on your WordPress site to make it look different and happening. You can choose whichever goes with the needs and style of your business.

But before that, you need to establish an understanding of what WordPress actually is.

So, without wasting any time further, let’s get started.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most famous CMS (Content Management System) platform. It lets you develop your own website or blogs in an extremely creative yet simple manner.

It powers around 37.6% of the total websites available on the Internet. We can say that every one out of four sites is likely to be powered by WordPress.

Talking on technical terms, WordPress is a free and open-source CMS licensed under GPLv2 that allows anyone or everyone to use the WordPress software with ease.

WordPress being a content management system makes the management of different aspects, such as the content of your site easier.

All in all, WordPress enables the development of a website with various features and functionalities.

Here are some significant advantages of using WordPress:

Easy to install and setup
Website management from any computer
Responsive website design
Regular automatic updates
Speed and convenience
Intuitive interface
Wide community and support
Infinite scalability
Self-hosted platform
Updates are simple with just a single click
No requirement for HTML editing or FTP software
Search engine friendly
Full control over your site
Customization options available
Plugins to extend the functionality


The pages with the data or any sort of reports have lately become quite popular.

Their purpose is to showcase progress and statistics about a particular niche based on facts and complete transparency.

The reports pages usually tend to raise interest among people because of their accuracy. Having such a page for your WordPress site can prove to be extremely beneficial.


One of the must-have pages for any business could be the one offering consulting services.

Making your consulting page work could be a tough job. To sell your consulting service, you have to be extremely smart. There is a need for you to adapt methods to establish your business’ credibility that would persuade people to avail the consulting from you.

Various smart elements that can be used include proving the assured results of your work using numbers, the previous clients you have worked with, along with the testimonial.

There is also a high need to pay attention to the page’s simple and professional look and feel. You can also integrate more features, such as scheduling a consulting session, etc.


eCommerce, by the time with improvement in technology, has gained good momentum.

If you wish to sell things as a part of your business, you can hire expert WordPress programmers and get an eCommerce website developed.

WooCommerce is the WordPress platform for carrying out the shopping tasks. You can get some highly effective eCommerce layouts with WooCommerce for your business.


The presence of a partnership page contributes to enhancing the presence and value of your brand. And not to forget, a good page copy can influence people for mutually and professionally benefiting relationships in collaboration with you.

Your partnership page must contain a brief of what you are doing or your business is about. You also need to mention the details regarding what sort of partnership you are trying to seek.

In the case of affiliate programs, more in-depth details such as commissions are required to let the affiliate know how to get started and what to expect.


As the innovation has arrived and people have opened their minds towards the acceptance of advancements, podcasts have made an important place for themselves.

And if there is a team for podcasting, the better idea is to have a separate page for the same for it to get noticed.

You can include the lists of episodes of a particular podcast. You can also add different podcast series and much more.


If it suits your business’ niche, having a page for book recommendation is one of the best ideas. People have developed an intense love for reading, and new suggestions always act as a blessing.

The niche, in this case, doesn’t really matter. You can include different sub-section as per the niche or a must-read section for the visitors.

You can also earn more by referring to different sites for buying books and reading eBooks.


The purpose of an advertising page is to showcase the available advertising options on a website along with all the relevant information to make the advertiser show interest.

All you need to have on the page is the necessary information. Although graphics or infographics would do more good, unable to have, too, would work. Make a point to include various sections such as monthly traffic statistics, campaign types, pricing, available ad placements, and how to get started, etc.

Final Thoughts

WordPress is undoubtedly a leading platform in the industry.
And having your own platform on such a great platform is certainly like a dream coming true.

You just have to make sure to hire WordPress coders who are skilled enough to add more value to your WordPress site.

You may have successfully developed the website, but to scale up the game and match the high stakes of the competition, there is a need to inculcate more elements. And one way to do so is by adding more new and exciting pages.

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