6 interesting music radio stations in TuneIn Radio

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TuneIn Radio is an iPhone and iPad app with over 100,000 radio stations. There is a choice here for every taste: by genre, year, topic, and geography. We have selected 6 interesting music radio stations that you can listen to through the application.

CKUT 90.3 FM Montreal Community Radio

A non-profit radio station at McGill University in Montreal. Like all student projects, CKUT is an independent look at music. Alternative music plays at the station: from dark jazz, ska, and punk to folk and heavy metal. At night, the radio broadcasts positive reggae, and on Fridays, the main pride of the station, which the Telegraph wrote about, is broadcasting WeFunk with funk, soul, and classic hip-hop. The program is so popular that it has its own radio of the same name.

Berlin Community Radio

A young Berlin radio, popular not only among the inhabitants of the German capital. The radio is focused on foreign broadcasting: as the creators themselves say, they talk about everything that affects the creative scene in Berlin, so not only local and foreign music is staged here, but also shows about art and lifestyle. The main genre on Berlin Community Radio is all variations of electronic music: from EDM to broken minimal techno.

TSF Jazz

French jazz radio for all the canons of the genre. Initially, TSF was the official radio of the Socialists and Communists, but at the beginning of the 21st century, the station was reformatted and became predominantly musical. Now the Parisians play only jazz – from contemporary performers like Dee Dee Brigiouter to classics like Nina Simone, so TFS Jazz is worth listening to at least because of such a thoughtful selection.


A virtually unknown Rotterdam radio that broadcasts from a six-meter ship’s container. The creators of the radio say they were inspired by the best stations in the UK and the Netherlands, and now they mix well-known indie musicians and local artists in their rotation. The radio station’s website lists a wide range of genres: house, ambient, disco, African music. The playlist is diluted with programs about architecture, clothing, and, of course, music. The station has a fresh take on the culture of broadcasting, thanks to which the authors skillfully mix modern music and classic talk shows.


The same radio station from McGill University in Montreal grew out of the broadcast of the same name on another university radio. Founded back in 1996, the station has already appeared online three years later. Radio has received awards more than once, including for a unique selection of music. All sorts of funk, soul, groove, R’n’B, and old-school hip-hop are played here around the clock. The WEFUNK website contains an extensive archive of music that once sounded on the radio – more than 900 collections of 20-30 songs each.

DKFM Shoegaze Radio

Radio from Toronto that calls itself the world leader among all shoegaze radio stations. In addition to shoegaze, the radio station’s playlist contains the best of dream-pop and post-punk. According to the counter on the station’s website, 400 thousand songs from 2 thousand performers have already sounded on the air. This impressive team includes both classics of the genre like Cocteau Twins and young musicians: Team Tremolo, Pink Milk,. and others. By the way, on the site of the radio station, you can buy socks with the inscription “I love shoegaze”.

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