6 Different Styles of Wearing Full-Sleeve Linen Shirts

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Men’s clothing market has been on the path of accelerated growth during the past two decades. The availability of menswear in various fabrics, patterns, colours, along with technical tailoring has boosted men’s fashion. 

According to the latest market research report by Technavio, the market of menswear is set to grow at a CAGR of nearly 6 percent from 2020 to 2024. Among menswear products, linen clothes have witnessed rapid growth globally. Besides linen shirts, other clothing items including jackets, trousers, shorts, bandis, and others are in high demand.

Linen Shirts: Designer’s delight, men’s pride

These days, leading brands are increasingly focusing on men’s linen shirts. The outcome is experimentation with fabric, design, style, and of course, fitting. Linen fabric offers high breathability and comfort because its property can quickly absorb and remove sweat, which is one of the major factors that has driven the linen apparel market.

A perfect shirt needs to have all the elements mentioned above. Missing one or the other can spoil one’s look and style. Even though men like to put on denim or baggy outfits as a symbol of a carefree attitude, they also realize that nothing can replace a quality shirt as both business and casual wear. 

Great shirts have great features, and you will never find these features in an ill-fitted, soggy looking shirt. In order to weed out such ‘dressing deficiencies’, premium linen shirts came into the picture. 

Perfect-fit shirts have the following features:

  • Nicely proportioned collar, shoulder, and closure
  • The shirt length should be just right.
  • Well-fitted sleeves with the perfect length. 
  • Straight or round hem, which looks good with or without tucking into the trousers.

Quality men’s linen shirts fit men perfectly according to their physique. For example, short and stalky men can wear vertical stripes that make them look taller and slimmer. On the other hand, men with broad shoulders look better wearing untucked slim fit shirts with straight-leg pants.

Some leading Omnichannel stores offer shirts made with superlative linen fabric as per your preferences. In the next segment of this post, we will talk about wearing linen shirts in different styles. Read on.

Pairing Up Linen Shirts in Six Different Styles

  • Linen Shirt and Trousers

Linen shirts are not just for laidback men anymore. In fact, men can look quite sharp and polished wearing formal linen shirts by pairing up also with linen trousers. The rule of thumb for dressing is to roll down the sleeves. However, if it is a casual workplace or the weather is a little warm, you will look equally good with rolling the sleeves up. It is also better to tuck your shirt into your trousers, which is the same as any formal dress shirt. You do not have to worry about the wrinkles in the shirt because they will go away when you add a little starch while washing and ironing it damp. Also, remember that your overall appearance will depend on contrasting colours of the shirt and trousers.

  • Linen Shirt and a Suit

Wearing a linen shirt under the suits can provide both comfort and style. Also, linen shirts can add a distinct texture even if the colour resembles the trousers. To look smart wearing a combo of a linen shirt and a suit, you need to pick a slim fit and tuck the shirt into the trouser. It is better to wear either the shirt or the suit in the muted tone. For example, a good pair up can be a white or blue linen shirt with a blue suit or a blue linen shirt with a grey suit. You will look awesome in such combinations!

  • Linen Shirt and Jacket

Linen shirts look great with nearly any type of jacket. The decision that you need to make while pairing up with a jacket is whether to tuck the linen shirt or not. Although men usually wear these shirts untucked in casual situations, you would not want to don a linen shirt that is too long. If the shirt is long, most likely the shirt size is wrong and you need to pick a size down. Other than that, linen shirts are ideal to pair up with relaxed fit field jackets, bomber jackets, and most other types of jackets including the blazer.

  • Linen Shirt and Chinos

The combination of linen shirt and chinos can transform your styling into smart and aesthetic casual. Linen shirts with lighter chino colours look the best such as cream, khaki, sand, or pastel variants. You can wear the linen shirt rolling the sleeves up or down. Again, good colour contrast is the key here. 

  • Linen Shirt and Jeans

Jeans go well with nearly any kind of clothing, and a linen shirt can add more charm to it. Pairing up a long sleeve linen button-up shirt with slim or skinny fit jeans can get you a great casual outfit. Both blue and black denim can work well here if in contrasting colours. If the linen shirt has the right length and in the round hem, you can wear it untucked. Also, rolling the sleeves up a little below the elbow can add an extra touch of style, along with a pair of sneakers. Overall, it will give you a simple and stylish look. 

  • Linen Shirt and Shorts

Combining linen shirts and shorts are an ideal example of relaxed luxury. Both full and half sleeves slim fit linen shirts can go well with denim, plain or printed shorts. Try some nicely fitted shorts that are cut just above the knee, along with a solid, striped, or printed linen shirt for a sharper look. You can choose linen shirts available in various colours, collar styles, and patterns. If you pick a button-up linen shirt, make sure it fits well and does not look baggy. Some cool combinations are sky blue full sleeve linen shirt with dark blue shorts, blue & white striped shirt with white shorts, red printed shirt with cream shorts, etc. 


You can expand your collection of linen shirts by adding up a variety of colours, patterns, and styles. Some shirts may have no pockets, some with one or two button-down pockets on the chest. There can be a button-down collar, point collar, or spread collar. Regardless of what style you choose, you can wear them every day or on special occasions with any doubt. Wearing these fascinating linen shirts with nice fitting will create an ever-lasting impression on everyone around!

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