Baku with kids: 5 places to visit

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Baku is fairly unappreciated as a tourist destination. Being the capital of Azerbaijan, it’s a city that’s filled with various opportunities for things to do and places to visit for you and your family members, plus the people are extremely friendly as well.

Of course, first-time visitors of the city might find it a bit difficult to find out what to do since they don’t know the right places for fun and interesting activities and what to see on the visit. This is especially true if you’re taking your children along on your trip.

It’s often difficult to keep kids interested and occupied when we try to enjoy a visit to a country ourselves. Because of this, we’ve collected a list of the 5 best places to see in Baku with your children.

This way, you’ll have no difficulties planning your family trip. Of course, you can always local Baku girls to help you out with suggestions and act as a guide to get the full city experience.

The Dendro Parks of Baku

The beauty of Dendro Parks in Baku cannot be described with a few sentences in a text. For those that enjoy the beauty of nature over anything, this is simply the best place you can go in the city.

Arguably its most attractive element is the botanical gardens filled with bushes, plants, and trees, a truly magnificent sight to view. Of course, that’s not to say there’s nothing else to do here.

Since you’ll be coming with kids, you’ll probably want to let them enjoy themselves in the nearby parks and outside playgrounds, which will likely be full of other kids, so you don’t have to worry about them having company.

A great place for all of the family, with plenty of things to enjoy surrounded by nature.

Etx Laser Strike

If something more active and fun is your thing, then you certainly don’t want to miss out on Etx Laser Strike. Whether you’re old or young, alone with all of your kids by your side, spending an afternoon shooting lasers in the center of Baku should certainly be entertaining.

It should also be noted that if you travel to the center with your friends and manage to accommodate a group of at least 15 people, you can have all of the facilities to yourself if that’s what you want to do.
For parents that feel too embarrassed or simply don’t want to spoil the kids’ fun, they can chill out in the lounge area enjoying a meal or drink, while the young ones play.

A fitting place for the whole family as well as friends.

The Bulvar

For those that like an active holiday, The Bulvar is without a doubt the best part of the city to visit. This huge park area is for those that rather go around on their bicycles or skateboards than walk on foot.

Baku is a rather hot place, especially during the summer days. So, after spending your day in the sun, don’t forget to grab your gear and chill out after sunbathing by heading for a spin around The Bulvar.

There are plenty of shops around here as well, you can grab a snack or refreshment or even try out traditional Azerbaijani plombir ice cream from one of the vendors.

For the kids that don’t want to bike around, there is also a playground, as well other interesting activities to do like museums and other similar places to visit with their parents.

Highland park

If you are looking to be astonished by something while you visit the city of Baku, then Highland Park is without a doubt something you should visit. Just as you enter the area, you’ll see a wonderful place with a flight of stairs where you can go up and have an enjoyable look at the Caspian Sea.

Furthermore, one would be able to see the rest of the city panorama which involves the famous twin flame towers, as well as other elements of the city skyline.

It is a big doubt that any other city in Europe has an observation area of the city right in the middle of it. Apart from enjoying the relaxing and cozy atmosphere, we grown-ups will have the opportunity to have a snack or drink, or simply chat up with our friends and family members.

For kids, naturally, there will be many playgrounds around the park and game areas, so they’ll surely be bored whether it’s playing games with friends or spending time with their parents.

Still, Highland Park in general is an amazing place where a city park is above ground level. No doubt it’s worth considering if you’re going to Baku.

Little Venice

Little Venice in Baku is exactly what you think it is. A warming and welcoming place involves areas being surrounded by water and many waterways to navigate while being on a boat.

The prices here aren’t that high as you might think, so rent out one and let you and your family members enjoy a trip as if you’ve really been in Venice yourselves. If you’re hungry for a snack or want to quench your thirst, simply head down to one of the restaurants to see what’s what.

Many consider this to be the perfect place to visit temporarily as you walk around the rest of Baku boulevard, however, we reckon it should be considered its own good place since you get to row a boat and be right on the edge of the Caspian Sea.

All in all

In this article, we’ve talked about the main things to consider when heading out on your Baku trip with family members. Spending time with kids while at the same time trying to relax yourself can be a really challenging task.

This is why the places we’ve mentioned can be such a great way to enjoy your Baku trip and see what’s what. If you want to have the best possible experiences, consider these places or consult a local guide to help you out.

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