5 Best Freeware: Android Data Recovery Applications in 2020

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Are you sure that all of your data in your Android device is safe and sound? No, it is not. Nowadays, there are various ways through which someone can easily penetrate into your smartphone and steal your vital data. Or, in certain cases, a situation might occur that you have accidentally deleted your data.

This is where you need to find a way to derive a way to recover the data. So, you have to choose one of the best android data recovery apps for retrieving the lost data. As most of the applications are freeware, you have to go through the details of all the apps. Make sure it fulfils your needs. Only after that, download and install it to meet your purpose.

Select your Android Data Recovery Application
Android recovery application will retrieve your lost data. The concept is pretty simple and straight-forward. Before gaining information on the application, make sure that it is compatible with your system. There are basically two types of android data recovery applications available. One is for the mobile phone itself and the other is for a PC.

Apps to recover lost data via mobile phone
Opening the computer, connecting the mobile phone, and retrieving data is to some extent a hectic task. That is why you can easily get along with such applications that will finish the job by working within the mobile itself.

1. EaseUS Mobi Saver
The application is developed and designed by Ease US. It is one of the most popular data recovery software available on the internet. Generally, the software detects and scans your device storage facilities. First, it gives priority to the internal storage. If any type of external SD card is included in your phone, then that gets its prime focus.

After the scanning is complete, it filters and sorts out the file type, name, date of creation and deletion, and others. Now, it will show you the preview. You can select the files that you want to recover. Now, click on ‘Restore’ and you will get your lost files.

2. Phone rescue
Phone rescue is one of the easy-to-use android data recovery app to recover lost data. As you have to install the application on your phone, there is no need for verifying that your device is in the root condition or not. The app will still search and find all the lost files from your device.

Moreover, the app also has the power to recover the lost files associated with your social media applications. The speed of scanning and recovering is remarkable. Even if your device is locked, it can detect it and save it for future scanning and recovery purposes.

3. FonePaw
FonePaw is such a kind of software that holds the ability to recover the media files, as well as the text messages of an Android device. As usual, the scanning speed of the software is very fast. In addition to that, it also looks upon and maintains the total security of your important data. Moreover, it also recovers call logs, contacts, messages, and other multimedia contents. The support of file format is larger than ever.

It supports not only audio and video, but also PPT, HTML, PDF, RAR, ZIP and others. Experts say that this software will support more than 5000 android devices starting from Gingerbread (version 2.3) to Pie (version 9.0). If you ever feel confused with the Android versions, seek help from data recovery Dubai. They will assist you to understand the entire matter clearly.

Software to recover lost data via PC
You can easily recover the lost data of your android device with the help of a computer. All you need to do is to connect the mobile device with the computer. Before that, you need to gather some vital information about the application that will help you to accomplish the work via computer.

4. Recuva
This application is developed by Piriform and it is very much popular in the cyber world. Moreover, this application is for both PC and android phones. This application will help you through its built-in steps. As the PC interface is very easy to use, experts recommend all the users to use its PC version. You have to download and install the app on your computer.

After that, it will run the full mobile scan. The scanning process will detect and find out all the lost data. Moreover, it also has the facility to retrieve data from external devices like mobile SD cards.

5. Imobie PhoneRescue for Android
There is a lot of reputation gained by the app in the cyber world. More than one million android phone users have trusted this app and got excellent results. The application has the quality of covering up all the sectors of mobile storage and extracting the lost data. The speed of data retrieval is very fast. The user interface is easy to understand.

After you open this android data recovery app, you will get a lot of options regarding the retrieval of data. Data recovery and backup to the cloud facility are also available. In addition to that, there are also tools for repairing any type of system corruption in your android phone.

Are the use of applications worthy?
With the rapid progress of the technology, loss of data is not at a big deal anymore. Yes, the use of data recovery applications is worthy. If you want, you can also get a paid version of the data recovery application.

But, before downloading the data recovery application, make sure that you download the setup file from a secure website. A secure website will guarantee you the exact setup file.

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