4 Different Ways To Advertise Your Small Business In Low Budget

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Many small-scale advertisers often face challenges while advertising their brands. According to them, it is easy to advertise a high-scale brand, as you have enough budget. But for small and medium-scale enterprises it is hard to make budget-friendly choices.
Is it so? Is it really hard to advertise a small business on a low and tight budget? Well, after reading this article, you won’t find it difficult again. Instead, you will love to create engaging advertising content to display your brand products or services to the right audience.

You must have heard about PPC ads offered by the PPC marketing company in Delhi, Kolkata, and other regions. Likewise, there are multiple other ways of advertising your brand in a cost-effective way.

4 Different effective ways to advertise your small business on a tight budget

1. Social advertising: For small businesses, social media advertising is a very popular and widely used option. As you know, social media is quite trending nowadays. Online users are mostly found browsing different social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Hence running an ad and gaining a higher number of viewers is not so hard.

Another reason for making social media the best advertisement platform is its cost-effective feature. Without paying huge bucks, you can reach out to the right audience and can use multiple ad targeting options. A few popular social media advertising platforms are as follows.

Facebook – Facebook is always the better choice for small-scale advertisers. Around 70% of US adults prefer using Facebook, making the platform the biggest one among others. On the other hand, the platform comes with a plethora of features that make businesses advertise their brands in a more creative and effective way. Some advertising features are video ads, customer offers, carousel ads, lead generation, demographic filters, page likes, event responses, and many more.

Instagram – After Facebook, it’s Instagram that gives different advertising opportunities to the small businesses. Millions of online users prefer using Instagram and the best thing is 60% of them are teenagers. Image ads, carousel ads, stories ads, and video ads are quite popular on this advertising platform. You can even add call-to-action buttons to draw in more visitors to the ad.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is another most important and effective advertising platform for small businesses. You can even call this a hub for business-to-business marketers. Hence running ad campaigns on this platform, especially for b2b business is quite effective. You can target professionals and improve your business to a great extent.

2. PPC advertising: Other than social media advertising, pay-per-click advertising is also one most substantial platforms for low-budget business. The interesting thing about this platform is – People think that this is the most cost-consuming advertising idea. But the truth is, you can customize your budget and run a PPC ad campaign in your own way.

Advertisers have the freedom to bid on ad placements within the search engine. It implies you can set a maximum price that you are willing to pay for every cost per click. Suppose a person views your ad and click on it, you have to pay the amount you have decided for every click. However, if someone views your ad but didn’t click on it, you won’t charge anything.

PPC advertising can be run on different platforms including Google, Bing, Facebook, and so on. Based on the number of users and number of viewers, you can choose any PPC advertising channel to run your ads. It comes with a great option and allows the advertisers to create an ad campaign on a limited budget.

3. Mobile advertising: Everyone in today’s date is using smartphones and mobile devices in their daily lives. Hence, choosing mobile advertising for promoting a small business is definitely a great concept.

Different styles of mobile advertising that can be run on various mobile devices irrespective of the OS include – mobile display ads, mobile search ads, mobile video ads, mobile app ads, and social media ads that appear only on mobile devices.

Over 80% of mobile users prefer using their mobile devices for online shopping. Hence, it is necessary to learn the mobile advertising strategy and craft an ad campaign for mobile devices within your tight budget.

4. Email advertising: Have you thought about email advertising? Now, this is pretty effective when you already have a long list of email contacts. Using your email ads, you can reach out to the customers directly and generate new leads along with high conversions in no time.

Studies have proved that email ads can generate higher click-through rates compared to other ads. Unlike Google ads, you can choose this platform to advertise your brand in different formats. For example, you can include a brochure, catalogs, newsletters, images, videos, links, sales letters, and many more in your email content and send them to the clients personally. Such content has a more personalized effect, thus is more reliable than others.

Advertising a brand on low-budget is thus possible. Isn’t it? No matter whether you choose digital advertising or traditional advertising, you will end up gaining a promising result. However, we will suggest going with digital advertising as you are already residing in a digital era. To get a better understanding, you can contact a digital marketer and look forward to hiring digital marketing services that include digital advertising as well.

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