4 Components of Perimeter fence security you should know about

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Most businesses and stakeholders neglect the importance of a perimeter fence security system. They consider it an additional building security element that does not pose a major impact on the overall protection network. However, the truth is that the perimeter surveillance system works effectively with the integration of various security elements. For instance,  if a proper integration of perimeter fence security takes place, then a perimeter network establishes.

A complete security system is a blend of various components. These components are integral to the provision of security. In addition to that, some of these elements act as accessories to the security components. Here are some vital components that are crucial for building a perimeter security system. 

Perimeter Security Camera:

For building a security system, a robust security camera and CCTV surveillance is a necessity. Experts highly recommend installing the security camera around the boundary of the premises or area that needs protection. It will help you monitor the events surrounding your area. Additionally, security workers can identify the potential incident with this surveillance method. Therefore, it is considered an integral part of the perimeter security system.

Access point surveillance

The building guards cannot patrol the area 24/7. Therefore, you need to add an access control system to your perimeter fence security. It allows security personnel to monitor and control the security remotely. Moreover, you can also restrict entry by installing the biometric pattern identification system. With this approach, only the authorized personnel can enter your premises.

Motion sensor:

For creating a robust perimeter fence security network, experts always suggest adding motion sensors or detectors. It gives you quick alerts about the intrusion in real-time. Attach these sensors to the perimeter lighting and perimeter fence security for improving the overall protection.  Moreover, these sensors use passive technology to detect any movement around the protected area.

Perimeter lighting system

Nowadays, perimeter lightings have become the preliminary step to develop the perimeter fence security system. The lights are not directly involved in the security but aid the surveillance.  Therefore, you should install LED perimeter lighting first to improve the monitoring systems. Moreover, it is a cost-effective and economical security element that can support other aspects of protection system.  

Perimeter fences

Perimeter fences are another way to establish a boundary around the premises. These perimeters are usually connected with sensors, such as motion sensors, vibration sensors, etc. Thus, these sensors help perimeter fence security systems to detect intrusion. Whenever an intruder tries to cross the fence, the sensors will activate the alarm.


In short, the use of all the elements that help improve protection is crucial for perimeter fence security. Additionally, the elements that are not directly involved in security are also vital. It includes perimeter lighting that aids the overall security system. 

Do you want to improve the security around your premises? Add these elements to the perimeter fence security system. Cast Lighting will provide the most efficient perimeter security lighting that can integrate with the already implemented network.

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