3 Weird Apple Products that Existed

weird apple products
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Apple, the company who is about to hit freakin’ $1 trillion market value, the company whose customers love to show-off their products every time they get a chance owned some strange products back in the time. Well, the Apple products that we are going to show you today are too weird to show-off. Yes, there was a time when Apple was experimenting a bit too much with their products line and let’s just say, the experiment didn’t end very well. So here are the 3 strange Apple products:

1. The Macintosh TV


Today, Apple TV maybe one of the finest Smart TV present put there. But this is not the first time, Apple tried to get their hands dirty in this segment. Back in 1993, Apple launched its, first ever computer-television integration, the Macintosh TV (* slow claps *).

It was a disaster frankly. It ran on Motorola 68030 processor with just 8MB of upgradable RAM. It was operated by System7 and used a 16 bit color scheme for pictures. Price was set to be $2099 which was big no-no for customers and maybe the technology too was ahead of its time.

On seeing the falling sales, apple soon realized this blunder and stopped manufacturing Macintosh TVs.

2. Apple Digital Camera


It was officially known as Apple QuickTake 100 which was released in 1994. Apple was one of the first companies to launch consumer digital cameras. It wasn’t weird per say, it was well designed and had good functionality. But again, it wasn’t Apple’s forte to dive into general consumer electronics. They were a Computer company.

QuickTake incorporated 0.3 megapixel camera (It was 90s ladies and gentlemen) to support a resolution of 649×480. The camera had 1MB of flash memory with no removable memory support. QuickTake was well received maybe because it was one of a kind back then.

3. Apple clothing line


So, this was in 80s, to be accurate, 1986, just after a year when Jobs left the company. Apple, out of nowhere dropped their clothing line. The thinking behind this was to let Apple fans show their support to the company in a more open and public way. Can’t blame them. Apple was indeed going through a rough phase back then with newly appointed CEO John Scully.

Apple clothes were typically like 80s and early 90s with bright colors and polo t-shirts. But still, clothes from Apple!? Are you kidding me!


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