Day: April 21, 2019

Interesting Facts About Humans

Interesting Facts About Humans

When we evolved out of the monkeys, we were not alone. Homo Sapiens drove fellow family members-homo erectus, homo rudolfensis, homo neanderthalensis- extinct. It began

5 Things You Must Do when in Goa

5 Things You Must Do when in Goa

If you are not a first time Goa visitor, you’d probably know the state isn’t just about beaches and parties. Goa is much more than

Unravelling Mumbai

Unravelling Mumbai with w3teaches

Mumbai is oftenly referred to as city which never sleeps, which is certainly true. Mumbai is the city which offers tourists to have lavishing experience.

All About GREEN TEA by udyan

All About Green Tea You Should Know

If you are a tea lover, you should know where it started. Tea was initially found in China, where the old Chinese originally utilized it


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