11 things to do in Virgin Islands

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The US Virgin Islands refer to 3 big islands in a series of fifty or more in the Caribbean Sea. Their titles are St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John. 

These three islands are the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. There are approximately a dozen outer-lying islands in the series and the British Virgin Islands, which are under British rule, as its name suggests.

As of 2010, about 106,000 calls the islands home. They include an area approximately twice the size of Washington, DC — or 177 square kilometers. Not significant in any way! The islands enjoy a tropical climate year-round, with average daily highs in the 90s and typical daily lows from the 70s. The weather is only one reason millions of tourists descend upon the islands every year. All of the islands have to offer is what keeps them coming back year after year.

Snorkeling at Buck Island

Sure, you’ve heard of snorkeling, but have you ever heard of snorkeling paths? Buck Island is home to one of just three underwater national monuments from the United States — which happens to be a coral reef. Sunken paths guide snorkelers through a number of the most beautiful scenery in the Caribbean in which they could get up close and personal with all sorts of aquatic flora and fauna.

See The Easternmost Point at the USA

Point Udall is the easternmost point in the USA and contains a commemorative sundial to indicate the new millennium (2000). It is an enjoyable spot to visit for people who love arbitrary slogans and geography sciences.

Relive Background At Buddha Park

In 1848,”General Buddhoe” Gottlieb led a march of 6,000 slaves to need their liberty. The governor then freed all slaves on this afternoon, which eventually became a vacation in the islands. The park situates alongside a museum which features displays on the origins of slavery in the islands. Visit Southwest Airlines Reservations to get cheap flight fares & vacation packages to islands.

Get a History At The Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins

The Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins lefts one of the giant sugar plantations in the region. The ruins provide a glimpse back in time to when sugar and molasses were kings at the islands. Cultural demonstrations are placed frequently throughout the year for people to the website.

Peruse Artifacts in The Elaine Ione Sprauve Library & Museum

In the event the ruins left you interested in what a real sugar farm seemed like, a trip to the Elaine Ione Sprauve Library & Museum will quell that fascination. The museum is a restored farmhouse and houses many artifacts regarding the sugar business and ancient island civilization.

Research The Beauty of The Virgin Islands National Park

If you are in St. John, you are probably already in the center of the park. But visitors should note the walking paths, the hiking paths, and all the different methods of investigating the countryside that offers here. Park rangers are available to lead you in the ideal direction and answer some queries you might have. This playground is a real don’t miss attraction.

Soak Up Some Sun In Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay reports being among the most pristine beaches in all the islands. Though it’s among the most well-known beaches in the series, the bay still keeps all its crude charm and attractiveness, even in the middle of contemporary amenities such as showers and changing rooms. The waters are incredibly blue, calm, and clear, which provides for several superb water activities like snorkeling or swimming.

Travel Under The Sea In Coral World Ocean Park

In this underwater world, people can swim with sea lions and a plethora of other exotic aquatic lifestyles. There is also an Undersea Observatory Tower constructed some 30 feet submerged in addition to over twenty-five aquariums. Prepare to be astounded and prepare yourself to shell out quite a little time researching this huge underwater universe.

Move Pirate Hunting In The Pirate Castles

St. Thomas is home to the castles of 2 famed pirates — Blackbeard and Bluebeard. Blackbeard’s Castle is a watchtower the pirate could use to search for boats entering the harbor. It dates back to 1689. Bluebeard’s Castle is known as Bluebeard, The Pirate that, legend states, constructed a castle to lock his wife away in the world.

Buy Locally From Market Square

At the end of Main Street establishes what was among the lightest slave markets in the Caribbean. Now the area is still bustling with trade, but rather than slaves, you’ll discover local handicrafts, spices, food, and a range of additional goods. Textiles and jewelry are always hot sellers in addition to local foods that have a shelf life and could haul home.

Climb The Mountain Top

Mountain Top is your premier tourist destination of St. Thomas. It is a shopping mecca perched beneath a hill with an altitude of 2100 feet. 

You can see twenty miles and islands of the Caribbean out of the different vantage points. The opinion in Mountain Top is the rate on National Geographic’s Top 10 Views on the Planet. As an additional bonus, you can do all of the duty-free (tax-free) shopping, which you would enjoy here for all from island fashion alcohol to silver and gold jewelry.

Useful Tips and Information

Since the US Virgin Islands are things of the USA, US citizens do not require any particular input documents. Tourists from different nations do. But everyone exiting the islands is needed to demonstrate evidence of US citizenship or citizenship for their respective countries. Through October, June is considered the off-season for traveling and is the very best time to see the islands.

Paradoxically, the Atlantic Hurricane Season operates through precisely the same period, so keeping a watch out for the elongated prediction is imperative when arranging a visit to the islands throughout those months. 

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